NICO Myriad Device

The NICO Myriad is a revolutionary, FDA-approved surgical tool that helps neurosurgeons remove hard-to-reach brain and spinal tumors.

The slim, handheld tool has a long, flexible tip that enables neurosurgeons to access tumors through much smaller incisions and with greater precision. This means shorter and more successful surgeries, particularly for tumors deep inside the brain. And because the tool acts as a scissors, dissector and suction device all in one, it can be used in multiple types of procedures. It does not use heat, so there is less risk to surrounding tissue. This means surgeons can use it for delicate tissue removal on sensitive areas of the brain, such as optic nerves, or for rapid removal of larger, easier-to-reach tumors.

Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital was the first adult hospital in the Midwest and Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health was the first pediatric hospital in the world to obtain the technology.