Breast Cancer Prevention

For women who have a complete or partial mastectomy (lumpectomy) due to breast cancer,  reconstructive surgery may improve both physical appearance and psychological well-being.

Today, there are many options available for reconstruction. A new breast can be recreated at the time of mastectomy or delayed until later. IU Health offers the most advanced reconstruction techniques, including one-step implant placement and deep  inferior epigastric perforator flaps (DIEP), which uses tissue flaps from your own body.

An implant can be placed as a one-step procedure at the time of skin-sparing mastectomy or as a staged procedure using a temporary expander that is later replaced. The opposite breast may also be lifted or augmented to match the reconstructed breast. The ultimate goal of reconstruction is to restore symmetry between the two breasts.

DIEP Flap surgery
DIEP may be an alternative reconstruction option for women after mastectomy or for women who have undergone radiation therapy following cancer. Using fat tissue from the patient’s own abdomen, but leaving the muscle intact, a DIEP flap allows surgeons to reconstruct breast tissue that will age with the patient and retain a natural consistency.
Based on your body shape, current medical condition, type of breast cancer surgery and your personal preference, our plastic reconstructive surgeons will discuss which reconstruction option would be best for you.

Find out more by watching this video on Breast Cancer Reconstruction.

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