Ella’s Story

Imagine adopting a daughter and as you're welcoming this little girl into your family, you discover she have serious health issues. The dream of a happy, healthy child playing in the yard quickly turns to the reality of a child who's in need of major medical care.

This is the story of Ella. When Ella was adopted, her mother noticed her lips, fingers and toes were purple. She also had difficulty doing things normal children her age did. Any time a parent learns there's something wrong with their child, it's concerning. But when Ella's mother learned her heart was flipped, she knew they needed to seek the best help possible.

That's where Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health came in. Ella's parents turned to Riley at IU Health for a solution to her heart condition and put their trust in a team of doctors, nurses and support staff.

Riley Hospital for Children was able to take one family's nightmare and make it a dream come true. A team of talented doctors, nurses and staff were able to treat Ella and give her the normal life every child deserves.

For more information about Riley at IU Health and its Heart Center, visit us online.

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