It Doesn’t Take Much, Part 1

Do you ever feel guilty that you just don’t feel like pushing yourself extremely hard during workout sessions? I’ve heard this from patients before, and I want to make sure to help more people understand that exercise doesn’t have to be extremely intense to produce results.

There are plenty of benefits that come from all kinds of intensities of exercises, but if you don’t enjoy high intensity activities…you don’t have to do them! Especially if you are a beginner exerciser, intense exercise sessions can sometimes do more harm than good! If you think about it, if you continue pushing yourself over the limits when you exercise, you start creating tension both physically and mentally.

When you burn yourself out at each exercise session, your body can run the risk of getting too sore (or even injured) very easily. What happens when you are too sore or injured? You don’t workout. I’m sure that isn’t a part of anyone’s plan to maintain life-long fitness!

In addition to that, continual extreme workout sessions can build up negative feelings toward exercise. If after every workout session you feel exhausted, drained, and sore…you begin to equate exercise with those feelings. That makes it pretty hard to keep up with regular exercise!

Plus, if you have spare moments throughout the day to fit in exercise—you are less likely to do it if you think you will be exhausted by the end of it! So it is important to watch the intensity of your workout sessions and make sure they are challenging you…but not hurting you. Stay tuned to learn more ways to do that! 

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  • Name: Rebecca Mackey
  • Posted: 10/02/2017

this post is somewhat helpful. getting started is always the most difficult part. my issue with starting and sticking to a walking regiment is how mentally tired I am at the end of a day after trying to manage the workload and attempting to understand what the administration expects from me as a lowly employee. The words spoken of being appreciated are not received as such when only the top get the credit.