Precious Cargo: Delivering Specialized Care for High Risk OB Patients

Imagine you are expecting a child. It’s one of the most exciting times of your life, and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Most of the time, childbirth occurs without complication. But when the unexpected happens, patients needing advanced obstetric care have a safe way to get to us expeditiously: High Risk OB Transport service.

“Lifeline HROB services is an extension of the most innovative high risk obstetrical services that our Maternal-Fetal Medicine program provides to patients and families across the state of Indiana,” explains Dr. Men-Jean Lee, director of Maternal-Fetal Health at IU Health. Explore more of what LifeLine has to offer in this interactive experience.

Lifeline HROB services provides continuous monitoring of both mother and fetus during the entire transport. If birth is imminent, a specialized labor and delivery nurse is at hand, with constant access to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist throughout the flight. “The flight nurses are AWHONN-accredited to interpret changes in fetal heart monitoring and well trained to deliver babies in the field,” says Dr. Lee. And behind every flight or critical care ambulance ride is a team of leading physician experts at IU Health waiting for the patient’s arrival.

The entire team—EMTor pilot, Certified Flight RNor paramedic, and specialized labor and delivery nurse—give every patient the assurance that not only her own critical medical needs are being met, but also those of her pregnancy and her unborn child. The specialized HROB flight nurses are carefully selected from a team of highly experienced and practicing labor and delivery nurses with decades of experience. They undergo highly specialized paramedic and flight crew training before they join the transport team.

Having these knowledgable crew members available right from the start, before a patient even reaches IU Health, allows us to deliver a superior level of care to every new mother and her own precious cargo.

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