Simple Trick for Liver Reduction Diet (LRD)

I have several recipes that require breading, and as anyone on the LRD knows that is a big NO-NO. But, how do you solve the problem in a dietitian approved way?

Take your Fiber One cereal Limit ½ cup daily and a coffee bean grinder that you do not use for anything else (if you use it for your coffee it will taste funny) and grind your fiber cereal up to use for breading.

You cannot fry the food once breaded but it can be baked. Mix the cereal with your spices in the grinder for more flavor and it will all stick better if you dip the meat or fish in a beaten egg or an egg substitute then into the breading.

I have used this to make chicken fingers, and am thinking it will work for eggplant parmesan, which is my next experiment.


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