Struggling with your weight even if you’re doing everything the doctor recommends?

You may leave your weight loss checkups before or after bariatric surgery feeling like you’ve got a lot of homework to do; but as you strive to meet your goals, it can sometimes also be frustrating to make these changes without ‘seeing’ the results on the scale. When you meet with these challenges in your weight loss journey, don’t forget even with increasing medical treatments for obesity and an expanded knowledge base for medical treatment, obesity remains a complex disease. A variety of interrelating causes that impact each person differently lead to weight gain, and it can require time, commitment and a variety of ‘attack plans’ to tackle weight loss effectively and maximize your own quality of life.
Remember: whenever you feel you need more advice or a boost in your weight loss journey, take that opportunity to ask your healthcare team how you can further improve your quality of life and fight obesity.

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