The Sleep and Obesity Link

I've always heard that getting enough sleep is very important for your health, but this is a great reminder how it affects just one area of your health - obesity.

-From huffingtonpost.com

More Evidence that Sleep Deprivation is Linked with Obesity

Even more evidence has come out showing that not getting enough sleep is linked with an increased risk of obesity.

Research in the American Journal of Human Biology shows that not getting enough shut-eye could affect glucose metabolism and even raise blood pressure. It may also affect how our appetites are regulated, "leading to increased energy consumption," study researcher Dr. Kristen Knutson, of the University of Chicago, said in a statement.

"These findings show that sleeping poorly can increase a person's risk of developing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease," Knutson said in the statement. "Future research should determine whether efforts to improve sleep can also help prevent the development of these diseases or improve the lives of patients with these conditions."

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