What Makes Us Strong?  2012

We are excited to announce the winnners for the Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP experience this weekend:

D'Andria Majors—Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health

Tim Conn—IU Health La Porte Hospital

Cain Ramirez—IU Health Tipton Hospital

Sarahrina Gallagher—IU Health UniversityHospital

Thank you for all you do! And thanks to everyone who made a nomination!


Updated 08/14/12


It’s that time again—time to thank the IU Health people that go above and beyond. In short, to thank those who make us strong.

Nominate an exceptional person to get a VIP experience at Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP hosted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Aug 19th. In the comment box below, tell us why your nominee deserves a special thank you. Nominations will be open from now until Aug 10.

Updated 7/31/2012


Congratulations to the Brickyard 400 winners! Here is a big thank you for all you do.

Shari Mcilvain—IU Health Arnett

Bonnie Clark—IU Health Ball Memorial

Brandie Vance-—IU Health West

Dorothy Presley—IU Health Family Med South

And thank you to everyone who nominated their co-workers for special recongnition.

Stay tuned for information about the next round of nominations.

Updated 7/30/12


Thank you for your nominations! The finalists have been selected for the Brickyard 400. We won't take anymore nominations at this time. Stay tuned. We'll announce the winners soon. 

Come back and nominate for the next campaign in August as winners will be selected for a VIP experience at the Moto GP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Updated 7/9/12

We know it’s our team members, working together, who make IU Health work. That’s why every single member of the IU Health team is important. From the outstanding care they give patients, to the dedication they bring to even the most ordinary tasks, all the hard work is appreciated.

Thank you for the great nominations! We are happy to annouce the winners for the first round of nominations...

Winners for the Carb Day event:

Blynn Morris –  Shadeland

Carol Williams –  IU Health North Hospital

Samoyia Carter – Glendale

Dr. Scott Renshaw – IU Health Methodist Hospital

Winners for the Indy 500 event:

Krishna Meibalane – Path Lab

Lindsey Underwood – Healthnet

John Disher – IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

Kris Ekelund – IU Health Arnett Hospital

Thank you for all you do and enjoy your event!


We aren’t done thanking people yet. A new round of nominations will begin soon.

In the mean time, read the great things people have to say about our team below…

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  • Name: Colette Yeakey
  • Posted: 08/10/2012

I would like to nominate Tim Conn, CNA. Tim works in our Intensive care unit and is an asset to that dept and to our organization. Tim always has a smile on his face and is more than willing to help in any situation. I had a female patient comment to me how compassionate and professional Tim was when he took care of her. She stated that he made her feel comfortable and never felt embarrassed or awkward in front of him. Tim seems to have a true love for his patients. He is compassionate and hard working - I know I am glad when I see him on the unit, and I feel priviledged to know him. I think Tim should be recognized for the excellent care he gives, and for the positive vibe he brings to the workplace. Thanks Tim for all you do!

  • Name: Carol Wilson Hawley
  • Posted: 08/10/2012

I would like to nominate Anthony Utterback (Tony) for his exceptional attitude. His customer service skills are “top notch.” He has stepped into a technical support role after his clinics joined the IU Health Family and continues to accept additional responsibilities while maintaining the level of support the clinics were accustom. I am happy to have Tony on my team, and he is a huge asset to the organization!

  • Name: D Jenkins
  • Posted: 08/10/2012

i would like to nominate Meg Penna she is always a teamplayer willing to help everyone and anyone or wherever needed.

  • Name: Kevin Bunch
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

I would like to nominate Jackie Finnerman. Jackie was our nurse the night our daughter needed to be prepped for heart surgery, resulting in her crying out in pain. I ultimately walked out of Module 3 thinking I was the worst father not having the strength to hear her cries. Jackie stepped in and held my wife’s hand and supported her until our baby was calm. She then came out into the hallway, held me, and convinced me I was a good dad; reminding me of all I had done for my family that week. She called us that night to let us know our baby was resting comfortably so we could also try to rest. Our daughter turned one last Sunday and Jackie sent us a quick note. We love all the nurses at Riley (Ashley, Megan, Angie to name a few) and the family they have become to us.

  • Name: Joyce Lynn Eggleston
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

Lisa Marie Griffin, MA in the SOPA Clinic area has remained responsive and accommodating to me as an administrative assistant setting up clinic for the physician I support. Her “Can Do It” attitude is appreciated. Even in the midst of a busy clinic day, she takes time to acknowledge and assist me. Her smile and eye contact is assuring and leaves me knowing that I can count on her.

  • Name: Brian Donnelly
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

I would like to nominate Pauline Arnold RN. Pauline exemplifies our pursuit of preeminence. As CNO she carries a very wide range of responsibility that impacts every aspect of what we do everyday. Despite the breadth of her workload and leadership role, she makes it all look easy. Pauline is completely relaible not matter how large or how small the assignment may be. Her loyalty to the system and passion for patient-centered care drives operations, quality, safety, service and otherwise keeps our organization focused on our responsibilities to our patients and our community. She is a leader that engers trust and a colleague that helps all of us to do our best work as a team. A true “A-Player.”

  • Name: Jessica McIntosh Pharmacy Tech
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

I would like to nominate Dawn Nance. Dawn is so helpful with any issues that I have with our pharmacy computer system. She gives direction with care in her voice. She is ALWAYS willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I appreciate her helpfulness and calmness when the computer its making me crazy! Dawn, I can never say thank you, or I am sorry for calling AGAIN, enough. You are amazing! And you have the “strength it takes!”

  • Name: April P
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

I’d like to nominate James (Gimy) Bennett - Shadeland

  • Name: Donetta Pollard
  • Posted: 08/09/2012

Tara Roberts,NP, went out of her way to help my husband when he was struggling to get to the main lobby after being discharged from 5c with no one to escort him(despite the nurse saying he would get a chair and push him)She obtained a wheelchair and pushed him to the main lobby and made sure we were hooked up.Thank you,Tara,for being such a compassionate person and taking time out of your day to help. Many people just passed him by without a second glance.

  • Name: Ronda Starr
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

It takes a special person to work at Riley Hospital for Children. It takes a saint to work in the wheelchair department assembling, repairing, and delivering wheelchairs for handicap children ten hours a day. Roy Vaughn and Judy Atkins are those saints! Their dedication to children in need is applaudable, and deserves recognition. It is easy to forget or overlook the many children in wheelchiars rolling through our hallways. Just know that Roy and Judy had a part in nearly every wheelchair you see!

  • Name: Marisa Rainey
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate Sandra “Sandy” Richardson for her outstanding customer service and dedication to our patients here at Methodist. Sandy has an amazing sweet spirit that rubs off on everyone she comes in contact with. She is an extremely dedicated and loyal employee. She makes us “strong” with her preeminent skills. She constantly goes above and beyond her call of duty to assist in making our patients happy, decreasing their wait time, and lending an extra hand to the nurses. She is the kind, polite, caring, compassionate voice that is often associated with the Pre-Admission Testing Department. I hope that I have the privelege of interacting with more employees like Sandy because it truly is a joy to work with her. Sandra “Sandy” Richardson makes IU Health strong, and definately deserves recognition for her outstanding service. Thanks Sandy!

  • Name: Connie Eisenback
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would likde to nominate my manager Vicki Long. Vicki has a heart of gold. She is such a hard worker and never thinks about herself. She takes such pride in each and every patients and treats them as if they are her only patients. I have never seen a manager to give 110 percent as Vicki does. Her employees all love her

  • Name: Angela Clark
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate the Riley Interventional Radiology team of Radiologic Technologists. I am the Team Leader of this group and they consistently represent the spirit of IU Health with their level of dedication by putting our Riley patients and their families first. This is evident with comments from families and patient satisfaction scores. Jamie Carlton, Michael Thompson, and Lynette Jackson are always willing to help other team members during exams and stay beyond scheduled shifts to complete studies without complaining. During my recent bout with pneumonia my team members kept the department running smoothly and even covered my call hours with little notice. They are also dedicated to making our area better by developing their expertise and furthering their education with advanced degrees. The Riley IR Team demonstrates the Strength it Takes….

  • Name: Robert T. Kelly
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate Dr. Jeffrey Wu. I have had a number of opportunities to work with Dr. Wu over the past year. I’ve seen him recieve patients, interact with his staff and colleagues. He embodies the image that I would have for a treating physician to myself or my loved one. He genuinely cares about the person standing in front of him. Though he must be busy, he engages people like they are the most important person he has to talk to for that brief period of time. What an amazing person.

  • Name: Cassie Osborne
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate Angela Rhea, on the Advanced Heart Care unit. Angela has shown compassion and caring when taking care of my grandfather. As a nurse, we tend to hold fellow nurses to super high expectations. Angela has gone above and beyond that. She treats my grandfather as if he was family, and treats us as family also. She is willing to make that extra phone call, answer questions, and seek out answers all with a sweet disposition. We appreciate all that she has done. I feel safe knowing that such compassion and knowledge is taking care of my grandfather. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Name: Tom Lund
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to mention the Patient Education Department at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health since they all definitely have the Strength it Takes. Since I often work very closely with them I get to see the wonderful dedication that they all have in making sure that the information our clinical staff conveys to our patients and families is consistant and up-to-date. They also are top notch in conducting classes for parents on a wide gamut of topics and go way out of their way to insure that our families are trained properly when it’s needed and to shore up and fix any gaps in that training. They are all very passionate about this and this alone demonstrates their strength as a department. So, here’s to Cindy, Maureen, Michelle, Nancy, Jean, Prudi, and Enrique, who all do a fantastic job each and every day!

  • Name: D'Andria Majors
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate my boss, Laura Lord RPH, Riley Retail Pharmacy. Running a pharmacy is no easy task and it’s even harder when you are short staffed and the workload is heavy and getting a little more challenging everyday! However, Laura has managed to keep things going and although she’s the manager, she has no problem jumping in where/whenever she is needed. She has even doubled as a technician many days filling prescriptions herself, she has been a cashier at times, and I cannot tell you how many 12 hr days she has worked in the past month. If anyone is deserving of a little recognition it would be this woman, hands down! My hat goes off to you Laura!!! Thanks for all you do to support us:)

  • Name: Nicole Boswell
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

I would like to nominate my whole Methodist Endoscopy team. They always do an outstanding job every day. This year alone we have accomplished 4 months of 100% patient satisfaction scores. There are awesome!!!

  • Name: carol ballard
  • Posted: 08/08/2012

i would like nominate cain ramirez, a dietary employee at iu tipton hospital for the “what makes us strong” contest. this gentleman can put a smile on all faces he encounters. he goes beyond the required everyday duties, making sure all feel welcomed and satiated at meal time even if it means extra running for him. He is even known to bring in goodies(some home cooked) and share with departments other than his own. he is attending his 4th yr at college and is raising a family to boot. he will be sadly missed upon graduating. people just love cain….he’s funny and kind. i hope he wins. He’s definately one who makes “us” strong!

  • Name: Susan Savastuk
  • Posted: 08/07/2012

I would like to nominate Sally Meridith, a clinical pharmacist at Bloomington Hospital for the “What makes us strong” contest. Sally recently performed a heroic service to a person who was having a stroke in our community. She immediately recognized stroke symptoms, called 9-1-1 and stayed with the person until he was transported to IU Health Bloomington Hospitals Certified Stroke Center. Sally’s F A S T actions saved a life and a brain. She is certainly a Stroke Hero!

  • Name: Nancy Niemeyer
  • Posted: 08/07/2012

Sarahrina Gallagher is one of those always employees. She is always smiling; always willing; always trying to improve; always helpful with every interaction…Sarahrina is ‘always on.’ She works in a cubicle area doing telephone triage with the BMT patients. Patients and families love working with Sarahrina. Because it is a cubicle area, her peers can here what she is saying. People tell me that listening to Sarahrina work with patients makes them smile.

  • Name: Carol Wilson-Hawley
  • Posted: 07/06/2012

I would like to nominate Jamie Hilliard, Computer Tech. She has a “do more” approach and helps out teammates and supervisors with any requests. Her customers always praise her work and attitude. She kindly supports customers that are outside her normal areas and always has a smile on her face.

  • Name: Michelle San Miguel
  • Posted: 07/06/2012

I would like to nominate Mary Shaughnessy, RN for her work in cardiac rehab. Mary has one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever had the privledge of knowing. Each and every day she brings a warm and caring energy to the team, wanting to do her best as a team player and give the best possible care to our patients. She consistently goes out of her way to ensure our department is providing the utmost care and education to cardiac patients. She is a priceless piece of our team.

  • Name: Ben Guillaum
  • Posted: 07/06/2012

I would like to nominate Randy Pugh and Bob Pennington for the outstanding job that they do leading the Clinical Engineering team at Indiana University Health, University Hospital. They consistantly provide guidance to technicians with the most professional and practical methods. Thorugh my short employment here I have been truely amazed at there ability motivate staff to achieve there best and the best for the hospital!!!! Truly a class act to work for!!!

  • Name: Wendi Heron
  • Posted: 07/06/2012

I would like to nominate Juanita Paez, she is always helping out the patients. Not only because it is her job but she loves to do it. Even when she is not on the clock she will help anyone who is in need, if she can. She is a wonderful employee and a all around great person to be working with. She will try to put a smile on each and everyone she comes across weather it be a child or the parents, inside or outside the hospital.