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Road To Recovery Leads To Hospital Where He Was Born

02/20/2018 | ConditionsStories

There’s a history that Andrew “Dru” Gaddie brings with him through the doors of IU Health Methodist Hospital. Some of that history connects him to the hospital; some of it connects him to his role as a behavioral specialist for patients with drug addictions. Gaddie entered the world on July 21, fifty years ago. The obstetrician and gynecologist who delivered him – Dr. Frank Perry Lloyd would eventually have his portrait hanging in the lobby just inside the doors that Gaddie…

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She Guides 120 Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurses At Methodist

02/15/2018 | StoriesCardiovascular

Jessica Jones’ roster is an impressive one – 120 nurses and 15 support staff. Her team’s mission is a crucial one – care for some of the most critically ill patients at IU Health Methodist Hospital. The 34 beds inside the cardiovascular critical care unit are filled with people who’ve just had heart transplants and lung transplants and open heart surgeries. Some days, that unit is filled with happiness and victories. Some days, the tears and the loss creep in. And yet,…

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Lung Transplant Joins Two Hearts

02/14/2018 | ConditionsStories

The mailbox. It’s the first thing visitors see when they approach the newlywed’s single-story brick home. Their names are printed on the box “Don and Krystal Smith.” For those driving down the Kokomo side street, the mailbox is nothing out of the ordinary. But for those who know the tale of the Smiths it’s a sentimental symbol of a love story that began not in the heart – but in the lungs. Don Smith grew up in the Delphi and Camden areas where his boyhood was filled…

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Love In The Air for LifeLine Crew

02/13/2018 | Stories

When Jeff Pearson first joined the LifeLine flight crew coworkers were anxious for him to get acquainted with a certain respiratory therapist. That therapist, named Kellie, also remembers coworkers urging her to meet Jeff. Eventually, they joined their work friends for a night out to an Indians game and the friendship took off from there. “We cautiously tiptoed toward our first date,” said Jeff, 37.  He popped the question in April 2016 and they were married last March. Jeff grew…

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Hope Rises From Ashes – 9/11 Set Course for Hospital Chaplain

02/12/2018 | Stories

The dust rained down like confetti, or maybe it was like lava sprouting from a volcano. Denise Woods describes the horrific scene outside the World Trade Center – grasping for words to paint the picture. Unlike confetti, there were no colors. It was dark, like gray or black. And the sounds – there were screams. And the smells – like something burning. But what she remembers the most is a path – like a passage that opened up in front of her and drew her far away from the devastation…

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Methodist’s Dr. DeNardo Explains…When Is A Headache Really A Brain Aneurysm?

02/12/2018 | ConditionsNeuroscienceHealth & Wellness

Most of the time, unruptured aneurysms exist with no symptoms. Rarely, people will experience warning signs, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sensitivity to light, stiff neck and headache. When an aneurysm is rupturing, there is often no mistaking it, says Andrew DeNardo, M.D., an interventional neuroradiologist at IU Health Methodist Hospital. “If a person comes into an emergency room and they say, ‘I just had the worst headache of my life and it came on quickly and it felt like…

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Trauma Surgeon Dr. McKinley: Would-Be Astronaut, Ironman, Lifesaver

02/08/2018 | Stories

The town was small. Osage, Iowa. Todd McKinley was the fifth generation to grow up in the county 20 miles from Minnesota. It was the kind of place where teachers taught kids to reach for the stars. Where parents, and grandparents and aunts and uncles told teenagers: “You can be anything you want to be.” Teenage Todd wanted to be an astronaut. Yes. He would zoom into space in a shuttle. He would be one of the chosen few to explore unknown parts of the galaxy. And Todd McKinley almost did.…

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Path To Path Lab – Passionate About Cervical Cancer Screening

02/07/2018 | ConditionsCancerStories

Melissa Randolph grew up in a rural farming community where she was exposed early on to the gifts of music, nature, and science. On her Greensburg, farm Randolph and her three siblings were part of a family of hard workers. Everyone pitched in tending to hogs, picking strawberries and snapping green beans. The eldest sibling, Randolph was the first in her generation to attend college and took her work ethic to IU Bloomington. She didn’t know it then, but her rural upbringing would play a vital…

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Learning Curve – A Path To Patient Care

02/06/2018 | Stories

A couple of years ago, Caleb Ginn, was living at home with his parents, brother and sister; playing video games; sleeping, hanging out with friends and occasionally holding down a job. Now, the 23-year-old is employed by a 360-bed healthcare facility focused on exemplary patient care. “This is a full 180-degree change for me and my family,” said Ginn, a graduate of Hamilton Southeastern High School. “Getting hired at the hospital gave me confidence and assurance that I could be…

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LifeLine Nurse: “I Like the Patient Variety.”

02/05/2018 | Stories

Erin Montgomery started her career at IU Health Methodist Hospital eight years ago. For the past six years she has worked as a critical care transport nurse for LifeLine. She says the best thing about her job is the patient variety. “We do pediatrics and neonatal. The neo-natal side was new for me so it was a big learning curve,” said White, 32, who is married to John Montgomery, an air traffic controller. Here is more about Montgomery: She also worked as a pediatric intensive care nurse…

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