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Miscarriage: Facts and Fiction

07/25/2016 | Women's Health

While it may seem that miscarriages are rare, they are actually more common than you think. “Ten to twenty percent of all pregnancies result in miscarriage,” explains Nicole Scott, MD, gynecologist at Indiana University Health. “For women under the age of 35 the rate is about 10 percent, for women ages 35 to 40, the rate is about 20 percent and for women over 40 the rate can be as high as 50 percent.” While many women tend to blame themselves in the aftermath of the news ,…

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Aspire Assist Device:  New Answer to Obesity or Surgically Supported Eating Disorder?

07/25/2016 | Food & DietNews & Trends

As a psychologist working for Indiana University Health’s Charis Center for Eating Disorders, I strive to stay abreast of developments in the world of weight management. That said, upon hearing of the Aspire Assist Device (an FDA-approved weight loss device approved in June), I was intrigued.  The Aspire Assist Device claims to assist patients in losing substantially more weight (12.1 percent vs. 3.6 percent in controls) than those not receiving the device by inserting a tube into the…

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Four Ways With Maple Syrup

07/21/2016 | Food & Diet

Recent research suggests that maple syrup is high in antioxidants, has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents, and might even be able to help manage type 2 diabetes. Just be sure that you’re buying 100 percent pure syrup, not that colored corn syrup on supermarket shelves. Here are some creative ways to put this great ingredient to good use. 1. Consider it in coffee It might sound like a strange flavor pairing, but Vermonters know a thing or two about maple syrup, and using it to sweeten…

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A Look at a Leader: Dr. Larry Cripe

07/21/2016 | StoriesCancer

It was while Larry D. Cripe, M.D., was looking for new leukemia treatments and treating patients with the disease, that he had an epiphany. “I realized I was often taking care of people who were dying,” recalls the Indiana University Health oncologist, “but I didn’t know how to prepare them for what was the most likely outcome.” This revelation led Dr. Cripe, who has been with the hospital since 1995 and is also currently a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine,…

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Four Ways to Use Lemons

07/21/2016 | Food & DietHealth & Wellness

Lemon is a kitchen powerhouse, and there isn't much it doesn't do. It’s one of those rare ingredients that can be sweetened, or used to brighten savory dishes, or turned into a beverage. It’s even an amazing, natural household cleaner. Here are some versatile ways to put this incredible ingredient to good use: 1. Use the peel It’s common to squeeze the juice out of a lemon and toss the peel, but then you can miss out on the great potential of its peel. Use a zester…

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The Best Way to Solve Stubborn Insomnia? Consider This Successful New Treatment

07/21/2016 | ConditionsHealth & Wellness News & Trends

In my work as a board certified behavioral sleep medicine psychologist at Indiana University Health, I consistently encounter individuals who suffer from insomnia. By the time they make it into my office, patients have tried everything to improve their sleep - from old wives tales, herbal remedies to prescription and over the counter sleep aides. One thing most people haven’t tried: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). Indeed, The American College of Physicians, one of the most…

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Want Better Sleep? Stronger Body? A Slimmer Waistline? 6 Tiny Tweaks To Make For Better Health

07/21/2016 | Food & DietHealth & Wellness

Sure, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the office now and then won’t single-handedly overhaul your health. But little tweaks like that to your usual routine can add up to big benefits and make you more mindful about the choices you make throughout the day that can impact your health. “There’s no one magic bullet to weight loss or other lasting health changes,” explains Wesley Delbridge, registered dietitian and spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.…

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Breaking News: New Link Between Erratic Eating Patterns and Disease

07/19/2016 | Food & DietNews & TrendsResearchNeuroscience

It’s inevitable: life can sometimes delay meal times. However, according to a new study, consistently messing with meal times– eating dinner, for instance, much later than usual or skipping breakfast – may have a more negative impact on health than previously thought. A recent review of research published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society suggests that when we eat could be a significant factor in our risk for disease as well as what we weigh. In the review, people who…

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Are Annual Pelvic Exams for Women Still Necessary? Some Experts Say No

07/18/2016 | Health & Wellness ResearchWomen's Health

The news that annual pelvic exams might soon be a thing of the past was met with glee by many women. That recent announcement, a draft recommendation by the internists who make up the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, called for more research to support the idea that the pros of performing annual pelvic exams on healthy women who are not pregnant outweigh the cons. Members of the committee expressed skepticism that the invasive, uncomfortable exams aren’t effective enough in detecting…

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5 Tips for Making Perfect Kabobs on the Grill

07/18/2016 | Food & Diet

There’s something instantly fun and festive about food on a stick. This summer, get your whole family involved in meal prep by making completely customizable kabobs together. They are easy to prepare and can be made using a huge combination of meat and/or vegetables, making it a healthy and flavorful way to serve up fresh, ripe produce that everyone will enjoy. The anatomy of a kabob A shish kabob is basically any combination of meat and/or vegetables that are skewered and grilled.  Usually,…

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