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He Was Born A 3-Pound Preemie; Now He’s A Star Runner

10/16/2017 | ConditionsStories

There are two acres surrounding Austin Fiesel’s house. They are two acres of promise. Two acres to build dreams on. Most days, 13-year-old Austin puts in his ear buds, cranks up the volume and ventures out onto those two acres. And he runs. The neighbors will look out their windows in amazement. Lap after lap after lap, that boy is running. They will tell Austin’s mom, Shelley, that her son is something else. The truth is, Shelley already knows that. She knew it the day her tiny son burst…

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Colts Cheerleader, Fashionista, LifeLine Nurse: Meet Jill Of All Trades

10/16/2017 | Stories

Jill Eicher had only recently completed her fashion merchandising degree at Ball State University when she felt the pull. She wanted to do something more. She wanted to help others. So she enrolled in beauty school and got her esthetics license. She felt that providing facials and other skin treatments were ways to make her clients feel good about themselves. But the pull continued – like the G force of a helicopter taking flight.  She didn’t realize it at the time, but Eicher was…

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Hospital Defense Jolts Football Player To Front Line

10/13/2017 | ConditionsStories

Drew Heydon isn’t sure how he got it. It may have been during pre-season practice when he went for a tackle, his helmet popped off and he ended up with a busted lip. The lip was stitched up in the locker room; he put his mouthpiece back in and headed to the field. But nearly a month later, Heydon, then a senior defensive tackle on the Center Grove High School team, began to have back pain. At first it was bearable, then it got worse. “I’d never missed a game my whole life so I pushed…

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She Fell In Love With The Romance Of Medicine

10/12/2017 | ConditionsCancerStories

There’s a framed picture in Doctor Sara Jo Grethlein’s office of a woman who is bald. Across the top is written: “C’mon now . . . how bad can a bad hair day be?” Doctor Grethlein keeps the photo close by to remind her of how fortunate she is and how important it is to look at cancer through the eyes of her patients. The photo was taken 16 years ago and the patient died at the age of 26. “Like me, she had a sister named Rebecca, and like me, her father was a physician,”…

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Breast Cancer No Match For Young Mom

10/11/2017 | ConditionsCancerStories

Danielle Jenkins was 24 – just five years shy of the age her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Twenty-four was the age that I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wonder. I couldn’t worry,” said Jenkins, now 25. In February 2015, a month after she was engaged to Zachary Jenkins, she made the decision that only she could make. She underwent surgery to remove both her breasts. Her hope was that she would reduce the risk of becoming one more female…

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What Patients Can Expect: Future of Breast Cancer Screenings

10/10/2017 | ConditionsCancer

Here are some numbers that relate to breast cancer detection and self care: 40 – the age recommended for women to have annual mammograms. 50 – the percentage of cancers in women with dense breast tissue that can be missed by standard mammograms. 40 – the percentage of women who have dense breast tissue What is dense breast tissue? The Breast Imaging Reporting and Database Systems, (BI-RADS) which reports the findings of mammograms, also includes an assessment of breast density by…

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ER or Urgent Care? Where to Go When Illness Strikes

10/10/2017 | Health & Wellness

Let’s face it, everyone has an embarrassing medical moment or two--and I remember mine. I was sitting in one of my college courses when I began to experience hearing loss in my left ear. Not having any medical training at the time, I immediately thought of worst-case scenarios: a brain tumor, infection or a ruptured ear drum.  Panicked, I begged my father to take me to the local emergency room where I was diagnosed with a cerumen impaction.  Translation: I had so much wax in my ear…

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A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way

10/09/2017 | ConditionsCancerStories

On the day before her 56th birthday, Jackie Backus found a reason to smile. On July 21, she found a lump in her breast and not long after she started chemo, she began losing her hair. But on a recent weekday, she opened up a pink zipper bag filled with every woman’s version of eye candy – hundreds of dollars worth of complimentary makeup. She spent the next hour with two cosmetologists who taught her to apply the facial products and also how to create beautiful headpieces to crown her…

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Methodist’s Newborn Chief: ‘Touching Babies At The Very First Moment’

10/06/2017 | Stories

“The benefit and the power we have to influence a baby and a family’s life right from the get go? It is so powerful.” – Emily Scott, M.D. There they are inside each room. Newborns who just entered the world. There they are with their fuzzy heads and pink cheeks and startled cries. There they are with their entire lives ahead of them. Emily Scott, M.D., never takes for granted the power she has to influence a life right from the very start, the opportunity she has to get a…

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Delicious Fall Comfort Foods You Can Feel Good About

10/05/2017 | Food & Diet

Fall is here, causing more of us to crave warm and toasty comfort foods. Unfortunately, many of these dishes can be higher in calories and fat. The good news: I’m here to offer you some tasty, healthy and slimming alternatives. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I work with bariatric patients at Indiana University Health, to help them lose weight in preparation for surgery. In addition to being followed by a team, patients also receive individualized nutrition counseling post-operatively.…

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