• What Patients Can Expect: Future of Breast Cancer Screenings


    Here are some numbers that relate to breast cancer detection and self care: 40 – the age recommended for women to have annual mammograms. 50 – the percentage of cancers in women with dense breast tissue that can be missed by standard mammograms.…  Read More

  • She Fell In Love With The Romance Of Medicine


    There’s a framed picture in Doctor Sara Jo Grethlein’s office of a woman who is bald. Across the top is written: “C’mon now . . . how bad can a bad hair day be?” Doctor Grethlein keeps the photo close by to remind her of…  Read More

  • Breast Cancer No Match For Young Mom


    Danielle Jenkins was 24 – just five years shy of the age her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Twenty-four was the age that I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wonder. I couldn’t worry,” said…  Read More

  • Methodist’s Newborn Chief: ‘Touching Babies At The Very First Moment’


    “The benefit and the power we have to influence a baby and a family’s life right from the get go? It is so powerful.” – Emily Scott, M.D. There they are inside each room. Newborns who just entered the world. There they are with…  Read More

  • A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way


    On the day before her 56th birthday, Jackie Backus found a reason to smile. On July 21, she found a lump in her breast and not long after she started chemo, she began losing her hair. But on a recent weekday, she opened up a pink zipper bag filled with…  Read More

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Spice Up Your Meal Plan

10/19/2017 | Food & DietHealth & Wellness

Trying to make healthy choices but getting tired of the same flavors? As a registered dietitian nutritionist at Indiana University Health, I work with bariatric patients to help them lose weight in preparation for surgery. In addition to being followed by a team, patients also receive individualized nutrition counseling post-operatively. We work together to identify barriers and solutions throughout their weight loss journey. One simple way to slim down: Swap out heavy sauces and condiments for spices…

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Methodist ICU Nurse Launches Meditation For Nurses; Rocks Their Worlds

10/19/2017 | Stories

The master plan was to make a difference in the world, to do something bigger than himself. So, John Shepard bolted the insurance industry he’d built a career in to become a bedside nurse 15 years ago, a critical care nurse. “I thought that by becoming a nurse I would gain a deeper level of peace and contentment in my life because I was helping others,” says Shepard, who has been a critical care nurse at IU Health Methodist Hospital for 10 years. “Then I realized pretty quickly,…

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Doctor Remembers His Roots; Embraces His Citizenship

10/18/2017 | StoriesCancer

On the day he became a US Citizen, Dr. Safi Shahda wore a red tie. Written on the tie - in white letters - were the words to the U.S. Constitution. Doctor Shahda had been given a gift box weeks before he took the oath. The box was from a long-time patient who had instructed Shahda not to open the gift until the time he would become a U.S. Citizen. The patient didn’t live to see that day, but Shahda wore the tie with pride. The patient’s wife later sent Shahda a copy of the constitution…

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Methodist Trauma Surgeon Easing Agony Of Cracked Ribs

10/18/2017 | Conditions

The torture of broken ribs, one of the most common injuries, is unlike any other. It’s one of the most painful and nagging of injuries. And it’s an injury that surgeons and doctors used to do absolutely nothing about. They’d make sure the patient could breathe and cough and walk around. They’d make sure the patient could get by without too much pain medicine. “And then we’d say, ‘Go home tough guy,’” says Timothy Pohlman, M.D., a trauma surgeon…

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She Traveled More Than 7,000 Miles For Breast Cancer Care

10/17/2017 | ConditionsCancerStories

She knew something was wrong but when doctors back home checked Elizabeth Iglesias’ right breast, they initially thought she had an abscess. Eventually she had an MRI and heard the words she dreaded: “Breast Cancer.” That was a year ago, and the disease was Stage 4.  One of eight children, Iglecias was encouraged by her sister, Pat Caudell, who lives in Brownsburg, to come to Indiana. Last February Iglecias, 52, and her husband Frank, left their home in Saipan, a US commonwealth…

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