• She Guides 120 Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurses At Methodist


    Jessica Jones’ roster is an impressive one – 120 nurses and 15 support staff. Her team’s mission is a crucial one – care for some of the most critically ill patients at IU Health Methodist Hospital. The 34 beds inside the cardiovascular…  Read More

  • Lung Transplant Joins Two Hearts


    The mailbox. It’s the first thing visitors see when they approach the newlywed’s single-story brick home. Their names are printed on the box “Don and Krystal Smith.” For those driving down the Kokomo side street, the mailbox is…  Read More

  • Love In The Air for LifeLine Crew


    When Jeff Pearson first joined the LifeLine flight crew coworkers were anxious for him to get acquainted with a certain respiratory therapist. That therapist, named Kellie, also remembers coworkers urging her to meet Jeff. Eventually, they joined their…  Read More

  • Trauma Surgeon Dr. McKinley: Would-Be Astronaut, Ironman, Lifesaver


    The town was small. Osage, Iowa. Todd McKinley was the fifth generation to grow up in the county 20 miles from Minnesota. It was the kind of place where teachers taught kids to reach for the stars. Where parents, and grandparents and aunts and uncles…  Read More

  • Learning Curve – A Path To Patient Care


    A couple of years ago, Caleb Ginn, was living at home with his parents, brother and sister; playing video games; sleeping, hanging out with friends and occasionally holding down a job. Now, the 23-year-old is employed by a 360-bed healthcare facility…  Read More

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She Was Born At Methodist, Had 3 Babies At Methodist And…Wait For It… Is A Labor And Delivery Nurse


The date was July 17, 1950 and little Sandy Humphrey burst into the world inside a delivery room at IU Health Methodist Hospital. She was the daughter of a mother who was a homemaker and a father who worked in the insurance industry. She was a sweet, precious little bundle. Yet, as the nurses and doctors took care of baby Sandy nearly 68 years ago, they could have had no idea just what this hospital would mean to her – for years to come. Methodist has, literally, been Humphrey’s life.…

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Oncology Doctor Focused On Patient Perspective

03/14/2018 | ConditionsCancerStories

They travel from across the country, seeking treatment for testicular cancer. The young men – the average of diagnosis is about 33 – are advancing in their careers, and expanding their families. Many say that when they hear the diagnosis, they have no words. Like his patients, Dr. Clint Cary is also a man of few words. And like his patients, he is a husband and a father. Inside his office in Simon Cancer Center, are construction paper drawings created with little hands. There’s…

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Hospice – Hearts Full Of Life


The sound of classical music in the morning and jazz in the afternoon . . . the smell of fresh flowers . . .the feel of a warm comfortable bed at night . . . the sight of words - on a crossword puzzle or filling the pages of a good book. Theresa “Terry” Erickson’s wishes were simple. In short, she wanted to be comfortable; she wanted to enjoy the days of her 92nd year. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Erickson, a former emergency room nurse, said she decided against chemotherapy.…

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Before Surgery At Methodist, She Puts You At Ease


They come in nervous and overwhelmed. They come with questions and worries. And then they meet nurse Jilaine Stevens. She is a positive force inside the pre-admission testing area at IU Health Methodist Hospital -- ready to greet patients and calm any angst they might have. “The patient should feel like they’re the only person in the world at that moment,” says Stevens, who started her nursing career at Methodist in 1989. “That one patient in front of you is where your focus…

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Mom Of Preschoolers Finds Hope in Second Transplant


Inside Sarah Henderson Powell’s purse are a few things that she hopes keeps her young sons occupied during church. There are action figures, gum, and pens and pencils for drawing. Like any good mom, she’s prepared. But it’s the other items that have been critical for her survival – Sugary snacks, juice, a glucometer to measure the amount of sugar in her blood; and a glucagon pen to provide an emergency spike when her blood sugar drops too low. For years, Powell couldn’t…

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