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IU Health Saxony Wants to See What a Strong Heart Means to You!

An IU Health Saxony Hospital Release

—February is National Heart Health month and, in addition to a great community program our hospital will offer this month, we are exploring ways our community members value a healthy and strong heart.

Our cardiovascular program has been saving lives since we opened our doors. We know why we think it's important for everyone to have a strong heart. Now, we want to hear it from you!


IU Health is asking each of you to be Heart Strong (#IUHHeartStrong) this February…and share it on social media.

Even small, everyday habits like taking the stairs, experimenting with fresh vegetables or learning your family history can have a big impact on heart health. By sharing your ideas about what Heart Strong means to you, we hope to inspire small heart-healthy changes to our fellow team members and our community as a whole.

BE #IUHHeartStrong

To help share your Heart Strong message, we’ve created a printable photo prop. Just print it out, then use it to show why you are Heart Strong by posting a picture on social media and using the hashtag #IUHHeartStrong to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (just search for IU Health Saxony Hospital).

This is a great way to remind others that our health is the product of our everyday choices. We know, because we dedicate our careers to mending broken hearts and watching lives change. Posting your reason for a strong heart may encourage someone else to make a heart-healthy change. Thank you for your support and participation.

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