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IU Health Tipton Hospital Announces Visitor Restrictions

An IU Health Tipton Hospital Release

—The flu season is off to an early and strong start. Flu activity has been reported as widespread across 36 states, with 21 of those states―including Indiana―reporting a high number of flu cases. To protect patients and prevent further spreading, IU Health is limiting visitors to many of its healthcare facilities.

IU Health Tipton Hospital will begin visitor restrictions on Monday, January 8. See the list below for additional IU Health hospitals that have implemented or will implement visitor restrictions. Other facilities may be added to the list as needed.

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Jan. 2
IU Health Bedford Hospital Dec. 29
IU Health Blackford Hospital Jan. 2
IU Health Bloomington Hospital Jan. 3
IU Health Methodist Hospital Jan. 3
IU Health Morgan Dec. 29
IU Health North Hospital Jan. 3
IU Health Paoli Hospital Dec. 29
IU Health Saxony Hospital Jan. 3
IU Health Tipton Hospital Jan. 8
IU Health University Hospital Jan. 3
IU Health West Hospital Jan. 3
Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Jan. 3

Temporary visitor restrictions mean: 

  • Only essential adults (18 or older) will be allowed to visit patients.
  • Visitors who have flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, chills or muscle aches, will not be allowed to visit patients.
  • Patients with flu-like symptoms will be asked to wear a surgical or isolation mask.

IU Health recognizes the role that family plays in a patient’s recovery. Exceptions to the policy may be made under special circumstances. Restrictions will be continually monitored and lifted as soon as conditions improve.

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