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Partnership to ensure ambulance coverage for Morgan County

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Ambulance services provided through partnership with IU Health LifeLine, the city of Martinsville, Morgan County Emergency Management and IU Health Morgan.

Partnership to ensure ambulance coverage for Morgan County

MARTINSVILLE, IN – Ambulance services will continue in Morgan County as a partnership between IU Health LifeLine, the city of Martinsville, Morgan County Emergency Management (EMA) and IU Health Morgan. Care Ambulance will cease to provide service in the Morgan County area Friday, March 10, prompting a new partnership to fill the need for citizens.

Martinsville Mayor Shannon Kohl worked quickly to develop a plan to provide an ambulance service, after learning last month that Care Ambulance would end its contracted services. Working with the Morgan County EMA, a plan to immediately staff a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance was put in place. Plans were also put in place to add a second BLS ambulance on April 1. However, these plans did not replace the Advance Life Support (ALS) service that Care provided.

As a healthcare system, IU Health has stepped up to provide a local ambulance and paramedic coverage to bring the service back to an ALS level of care.

IU Health South Central Region President Matt Bailey says, “Continuation of the ALS service is in keeping with the mission of IU Health to provide the fastest response times for positive outcomes for all patients.”

Beginning Friday, IU Health LifeLine will provide paramedic staffing for a non-transport (chase) vehicle that can respond along with Morgan County’s BLS ambulance.

"Providing for the public safety of our community is job number one. Care Ambulance's sudden notice they are stopping service March 10 meant we had to move quickly to find a solution. The good news: thanks to outstanding teamwork, there will be no gap in our ambulance service. Through the strong partnership we share with IU Health LifeLine, Morgan County EMA and IU Health Morgan, Martinsville residents can feel comfortable if they call for an ambulance, one will be on its way," Kohl said.

In addition, LifeLine will also provide a paramedic and EMT to staff an ambulance stationed at IU Health Morgan. This ambulance will primarily be used for transporting patients to other facilities and to supplement 911 coverage in Morgan County. The ambulance stationed at IU Health Morgan is provided by IU Health Bloomington Hospital Emergency Medical Transport.

IU Health Morgan President Larry Bailey says, “This is a true collaboration between Indiana University Health, the city of Martinsville and Morgan County EMA. These organizations worked quickly to form a solution to provide quality care for the citizens of Morgan County.”

The IU Health LifeLine team will provide the advanced life support coverage for Morgan County residents and work with the Morgan County EMA to expand their 911 service in the county.

IU Health LifeLine Director Cory Hall says, “IU Health has mobilized an impressive amount of resources this week to provide Morgan County and its residents much-needed emergency medical services and medical transport.  As Indiana’s most comprehensive transport program, it is our honor and privilege to help Morgan County with 911 and medical transport services. Safe medical transport is our specialty and we look forward this new collaboration with Morgan County.”

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