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Rural practice suits physician

An IU Health Arnett Hospital Release

— Dr. Lisa McTavish, family medicine physician at IU Health Arnett in Rossville, faced many changes when she moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada to Rossville.

She went from a city of 700,000 people to a town of around 1700. Instead of seeing many young patients, she started treating older patients and entire families.

Fifteen years later, she’s very happy with her decision to practice in Rossville.

“I love how everybody knows everyone,” McTavish says. “They are such hardworking people.”

The close-knit community in Rossville allows McTavish to really get to know her patients and their families.

“The most rewarding part of being a physician is the relationships you build with people,” McTavish says. “You can really help them through life’s challenges.”

The move to Indiana helped McTavish and her husband Neil focus on their own family as well. In Canada, she could not make a very good living as a physician and both she and Neil worked many hours outside of the home.

“It’s not the way to live,” McTavish says. “We couldn’t see our kids.”

Because they moved to Indiana, Neil was able to stay home with their two daughters as they grew up and support them, even serving as a “roadie” for their youngest daughter who is a budding singer and songwriter.

McTavish likes to spend her free time with her family, volunteering, crocheting and reading.

This story is part of a three part series focusing on our physicians as part of our celebration of National Doctors' Day on March 30. Check back later this week for the remaining two parts.

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