Bariatric Seminars


IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss's programs are customized to meet the patient’s needs, and support groups and educational classes are offered before, during, and after the weight loss journey. We have a comprehensive team composed of surgeons, nurses, registered dieticians, psychologists and a strong interdisciplinary team. Many of our surgeons and psychologists are recognized as leaders in the field, and our surgeons have performed thousands of weight loss operations.

Join us for an educational seminar to speak with our surgeons, team of experts, and past patients to learn how weight loss surgery can help you gain control of your weight, regain health and start a new life. If you are interested in attending a seminar, please call 317.688.2647 to reserve your spot. Our seminars have a limited seating capacity and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. All patients are required to attend a seminar before starting their program. Please note: Due to limited seat availability, we ask that you bring only ONE support person with you to the seminars.  All seminars are held at IU Health North Hospital located at 11700 N. Meridian St., Carmel, IN, 46032 .

Important Note on Insurance Verification

Please note that our staff will verify insurance coverage AFTER your consultation visit. Therefore, we encourage all patients to verify their bariatric coverage with their insurance companies.

How to verify you benefits for bariatric surgery

  1. Call the customer service number on your insurance card and tell them you are pursuing bariatric surgery. It will be performed at Indiana University Health North Hospital at 11700 North Meridian, Carmel IN, 46032.
  2. Ask if the surgical treatment of morbid obesity is a covered benefit on your policy.

    The Insurance Company may ask for the procedure code or the diagnosis code.

    The procedure codes we use are as follows:
    43770 – Adjustable gastric band
    43644 – Roux en Y gastric bypass
    43775 – Vertical sleeve gastrectomy
    The diagnosis code for morbid obesity is 278.01
  3. Ask if a referral is necessary for the consultation appointment.
    Your first appointment with the surgeon will be located at IU Health Bariatrics. The address is 11725 N. Illinois St., Suite 350, Carmel, IN 46032.

Seminar Schedules

*Seminar schedules have recently changed to better accomodate our patients' schedules.

IU Health Bariatrics now offers one weekend (Saturday) seminar each month, held on the third Saturday of the month and starting at 9 am. The seminar location has also changed, and seminars are now held at IU Health North Hospital - located at 11700 N. Meridian St. in Carmel, IN.

These seminars will be informational only, and you will be contacted within two business days to make your consultation appointment with a physician of your choice. Please note: Due to limited seat availability, we ask that you bring only ONE support person with you to the seminars.

Other IU Health Bariatric Programs

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

We offer surgical seminars only. Our seminars are held on the third Wednesday each month at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie at 6 pm and occasionally at other locations throughout central Indiana. For questions on the IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital seminars, please call the number below.

Phone 765.747.4410

IU Health Arnett Hospital

IU Health Arnett Hospital offers gastric band surgery to patients seeking bariatric surgery. They have seminars on certain Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the year, which are held at IU Health Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana. For more information, please visit the web page or call 765.448.8143.

Other Hospitals

For locations closer to you, please find where our additional IU Health hospital bariatric programs are located.