Cancer and Blood Diseases


The Care You Deserve

Finding out that you may have cancer, or having an actual cancer diagnosis, can be a difficult time for you, your family and friends.

To help make the understanding of your diagnosis easier, Cancer and Blood Diseases at Indiana University Health North Hospital has an Adult Oncology Nurse Specialist on staff, as well as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse Specialist with Hematology/Oncology at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health North Hospital.

Our goal is to diagnose, treat and help you or your child, and family achieve the best possible outcome as soon as possible. And, it is our promise to treat you with respect and offer comfort when needed.

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Some of our specialty Cancer Services include Breast Care, Head and Neck, and Prostate Cancer services.

Visit Our Cancer Resource Center

We have an on-site Cancer Resource Center, available free of charge to our patients, their caregivers and the local community. Learn more.