Risk & Prevention

IU Health North Hospital offers screening and prevention programs as part of a system-wide effort by IU Health to aid in preventing cancers in women.

Every woman who comes for her regular screening mammogram at IU Health North Hospital will be offered a chance to participate in the High Risk Screening Program.

The High Risk Screening Program evaluates a woman's risk for:

  • Breast/ovarian cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Uterine cancer

To learn their cancer risk, women take a short computer survey in the Women’s Diagnostic Center. The computer delivers the risk results to a specialized nurse who contacts women who score as higher risk in person or by phone.

Women who are identified as having increased risk will then be offered an appointment as part of one of our Cancer Risk Prevention Programs. With these prevention programs, a specialized physician helps the patient choose from the options that best reduce their risk. These women will continue to benefit from risk appropriate screening tests, clinical trials and new innovations in prevention as they develop.

Schedule Your Mammogram & Free High Risk Screening!

The risk screening is free of cost. You can make the most of your screening by knowing the details of your personal health history and your family cancer history.

Important Details to Gather

  • About Your Family:
    • Which people (if any) had cancer on your mother’s & father’s side
    • What type of cancer they had
    • How old they were when diagnosed
  • About Yourself:
    • Any biopsy results you have had in the past

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule your mammogram and receive your free high risk screening at IU Health North Hospital, please call 317.688.2955.

If you have questions about your risk or one of our programs, please call our nurse navigator at 317.688.3438.

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