Childbirth Education

Childbirth can be one of the most meaningful times in life, not only for parents, but for extended family and friends as well. To help prepare for this experience, we offer a variety of childbirth classes designed to educate and enlighten those waiting to welcome new life into the world.

For questions or more information about classes, tours or support groups at IU Health North Hospital, please contact our childbirth educaton office at 317.688.2465 or .

Childbirth Education Classes

Advanced Labor Support: $25

Do you want to go "natural" - without medication? Do you want to be on your feet and active in your labor as long as possible? Learn much more about labor support tricks and techniques from an expert! This class provides more extensive information about breathing and relaxation in labor, massage, acupressure, and other techniques.

Bow Wow and Baby: $20/family

Prepare your doggie friendly home for life with baby! This is not a dog training class. Help your dog adapt to the sights and sounds of a newborn. Recommended for expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters, or anyone who owns a dog that will be around baby.

Breastfeeding with Ease: $25

Take this class along with your childbirth preparation class to learn how to make breastfeeding a positive experience for you and your baby. We give you practical information about positioning and latch-on, and also discuss common concerns and problems related to breastfeeding. Attend this class with your partner.

Note: Included in the 7-Week Lamaze Series.

Breastfeeding Part 2: $20

Learn about breast pumps and supplies, milk storage and pumping, baby and mother transition and timing, working with your employer and daycare provider, and best tips for success! The class is taught by a certified lactation nurse consultant (IBCLC). *Please take the Breastfeeding with Ease class prior to the Part 2 class if no experience yet as a nursing mom.

Cesarean Birth: $25

This class is for women who are scheduled for a Cesarean section or who are at risk for a C-section. This class will answer your questions and help make you more comfortable with the surgery by discussing the procedure, delivery, immediate recovery and postpartum care for your hospital stay and return home.

Childbirth Preparation 7-Week Series with Lamaze: $125

This class meets from 6:30 pm – 9 pm for seven consecutive weeks. The goal of Lamaze classes is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth. Women and their support persons will learn simple coping strategies for labor, including focused breathing, movement and positioning, labor support, massage and relaxation. Classes include a tour, along with information on epidurals, C-section birth, postpartum, newborn basics and breastfeeding. Bring pillows and a blanket to class.

Note: The tour, Newborn Basics and Breastfeeding with Ease classes are included in this series and do not require separate registration.

Childbirth Preparation Fast Track Class (1 day or 2 half day sessions): $75

Learn more about childbirth in a two-session format or one daylong format designed for busy parents-to-be. Information includes breathing, relaxation, epidurals, C-section birth, postpartum and the immediate recovery period for mom and baby. Material is covered at a quicker pace. A tour is included with this class. Bring pillows and blanket to class.

CPR: $20/person or $40/couple

This is a "Family and Friends" class for the general public. You will learn choking rescue and CPR for infants and children, following the American Heart Association Family & Friends guidelines. This is not a certification course. A card is not issued. Cost is for couple.

CPR and First Aid for Parents: $30/person or $50/couple

Learn choking rescue and CPR for infants and children and learn how to manage common illnesses, basic first aid and home safety during your child’s early years. You will also learn how to assemble a family first aid kit! This class follows the American Heart Association Family & Friends guidelines. This is not a certification class. 

Especially for Children: $20/family

This class helps children prepare for their new role of big brother or sister. Class is filled with activities to help explain how siblings may feel, and how they can safely play and help with the new baby. Children are assured that they are very special people in their families and will remain loved as much as ever after the baby is born.

Grandparenting: Free

Learn about current labor, birth, newborn and breastfeeding care while discussing your new role. Explore ideas about how to best help the new parents. All grandparents are welcome to attend at no charge.

Marvelous Multiples: $25

IU Health offers this extensive class with a curriculum written by a national expert on multiples. Come meet other couples expecting multiples and learn together how to deal with the challenges of a multiple pregnancy. A tour of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit is included. Learn coping strategies to use in caring for multiple babies. If possible, take this class early in your pregnancy. We also recommend you sign up to take Newborn Basics for more information on baby care.

Mommy and Baby Yoga 6-Week Series: $90 (or $15 per class)

This class is a fun way to regain strength and flexibility while bonding with your baby. You have time to stretch, tone and relax while interacting with your baby. Register for the entire series or any number of individual classes.

Newborn Basics: $25

Learn how to care for your baby during the first month of life. Baby care topics cover bathing, holding, feeding, comforting a crying baby and more. If you are attending class after your delivery, you are welcome to bring your baby to class with you.

Note: Included in the 7-Week Lamaze Series.

Newborn Express: $30/person or $50/couple

Attend a Newborn Basics class in the morning, to learn how to care for your baby in the first month of life. After a lunch break, return to learn infant CPR and choking rescue, following the American Heart Association Family & Friends guidelines. This is not a certification course. No card is issued.

Next Time Around Prenatal Refresher: $25

Designed for couples that have taken a childbirth class with a previous baby and would like a review of childbirth techniques. The class reviews labor and delivery topics, such as breathing, relaxation, labor support techniques, anesthesia and C-section.

Prenatal Yoga 6-Week Series: $90 (or $15 per class)

Learn and enjoy the benefits of a gentle yoga routine during the childbearing years. Taught by a certified instructor, this six-week series will help prepare you for birth and help you tone up after birth. Yoga can help reduce pregnancy-related aches and pains and speed postpartum recovery. Register for the entire series or any number of individual classes.