Therapy Dog Program

The Therapy Dog Program at IU Health North Hospital is a unique and special component of the caring environment we’ve created for our patients and their families. The dogs that participate in the program bring comfort and love to patients. They also create a pleasant distraction if needed. The volunteer program includes several dogs, one of which is available to visit patients Monday through Friday.

Each therapy dog and its handler are certified through a national program. They are specially trained and tested to make sure the dogs interact safely with patients of all ages. Once certified, the handlers must complete volunteer training at IU Health North Hospital before their dogs may visit patients.

Request a Visit from One of Our Therapy Dogs
Both pediatric and adult patients are welcome to request visits from our therapy dogs. To request a visit while you’re a patient at IU Health North Hospital, please contact our Guest Relations team at the first floor Welcome Desk. You may stop by in person or call 317.688.2042.

Our Therapy Dog Family

  • Golden Retriever: Alpine
  • Labradoodles: Murphy and Quigley
  • Miniature Long Haired Dachshund: Bruce
  • Portuguese Water Dogs: Brooke, Iggy, Lily and Ziva
  • Toy Poodle: Oakley
  • Yellow Labrador: Rookie

Interested in finding out if your dog could become part of the Therapy Dog Program at IU Health North Hospital?
All participating dogs must be registered with a national organization, such as Therapy Dog International or Pet Partners, before being considered for our volunteer program at IU Health North Hospital. Once certified, interested volunteers may contact the IU Health North Hospital volunteer services office at 317.688.2927.