Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

At Indiana University Health, we are dedicated to reducing the pain caused by conditions and injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles and to help you heal more quickly.

Our Orthopedics and Sports Medicine physicians treat the full range of orthopedic and sports-related conditions, including concussions, fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, chronic back and neck pain, age-related degeneration, cancerous tumors and traumatic injury. From your very first appointment through treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up, we provide expert care to help you return to your previous level of activity as quickly and safely as possible.

At Indiana University North Hospital Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our team of orthopedic surgeons are all board certified and specialize in conditions of the bones, joints, spine and muscles. We offer a variety of services including joint replacement and reconstruction, spine care, sports medicine, specialized care for hand, upper extremities, foot and ankle, trauma care and rehabilitation services.

The physicians at the spine clinic at IU Health North Hospital are the leading spine experts in the state of Indiana and specialize in a range of spine surgeries and treatments for both adults and children.

Whenever possible, we exhaust nonoperative treatments before recommending surgery; however, if it becomes necessary, our surgeons provide the care you need to get you back to your typical lifestyle. 

Joint Replacement

Painful and stiff joints caused by arthritis, sports-related injuries or a traumatic accident can alter your lifestyle and keep you from participating in the daily activities you enjoy. At IU Health North Hospital, we apply our clinical expertise to make a quick and accurate diagnosis and develop a plan of care that fits the individual needs of our patients suffering from joint pain or discomfort.

We try all appropriate nonsurgical treatment options before considering surgery, including lifestyle changes and medications to ease joint pain. If surgery becomes the right choice, our team of specialists are trained to correct problems related to joint pain.

Our full-service approach to joint surgery integrates primary care physicians and surgeons with other clinical support staff. We prepare patients mentally and physically for their procedures and return them to their maximum function as quickly and safely as possible. Our surgical team is able to replace all major joints, including hip, knee, shoulder, elbow or hand joints. Hip and knee replacements are the most common. 

IU Health North Hopsital has received designation as a Blue Distinction Plus (BDC+) Knee and Hip Replacement provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. This distinction recognizes facilities for both their expertise and cost efficiency in delivering specialty care.  

IU Health North Hospital is a participant of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR). Federally mandated, CJR aims to support better and more efficient care for beneficiaries undergoing hip, knee, and ankle replacements through bundled payment and quality measurement for care associated with the surgical procedure. The goal is to encourage hospitals, physicians, and post-acute care providers to work collaboratively to improve the quality and coordination of care from admission through recovery. For more information on CJR and to find a list of our existing CJR Collaborators, please visit IU Health Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR) Program.

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic clinical program specialists at IU Health North Hospital offer a weekly, one-time class for patients who are officially scheduled for joint replacement or reconstructive surgeries. This class prepares patients for what to expect before, during and after surgery. The instructors discuss topics such as: 

  • Precautions 
  • Pre-surgery preparation
  • Post-surgery care
  • Pain management
  • Caring for yourself at home
  • Complication prevention
  • Life with your new joint
  • Incision care
  • Safe exercises
  • Nutrition

Sports Medicine

Athletes with different skill levels, motivations and goals, all share one need—a fully integrated and comprehensive sports medicine program that can be tailored to individual goals. At IU Health North Hospital, our philosophy is to provide all athletes—both professional and recreational—with the same high-quality level of care.

We are dedicated to keeping athletes healthy and active. In addition to providing specialized assessment and treatment for sports-related injuries, our clinical team educates area athletes, coaches and parents about preventing and recognizing injuries. Our educational programs help build healthy and successful athletes. We teach proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance and training techniques to help lower the risk of injuries.


Rehabilitation is an important component of recovery, with or without surgery. Each patient's injury is unique and requires personalized assessment and treatment. That is why rehabilitation plays a key role in the IU Health North Hospital continuum of care. We work with your physician(s) to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and to develop a care plan specific to your needs.

The kind of rehabilitation needed to restore normal activity and the time and effort it takes varies by patient. What remains constant is the need for specialized, focused and comprehensive care, whether you are being treated for a one-time problem or a long-term condition.

We use a variety of advanced techniques to help restore normal strength, motion and flexibility, as well as reduce pain as quickly and safely as possible. We specialize in treating neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, including pre- and post-operative care programs.

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