Our Team

We’re proud of the team of experts who work together to help you through surgery and recovery at IU Health North Hospital. They are available throughout your journey to answer questions, resolve issues or simply lend support.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon: Orthopedic surgeons are experts in caring for, repairing and rehabilitating bones and muscles. He or she makes the call on what surgical procedure to recommend to the patient. The surgeons care for their patients in the hospital and see them for follow-up appointments soon after they leave the hospital.
  • Hospitalist: Hospitalists are specialized physicians who are here to manage the patient's care when the surgeon is not on site. Hospitalists staff the hospital 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so there is always a doctor available for any emergency. The hospitalist acts as an intermediary between the patient, the primary care physician and the surgeon.
  • Orthopedic Team: There are specialty teams at IU Health North Hospital who will help manage the patient's care while they're here. The team includes nursing staff and surgical technologists in the operating rooms, and nursing staff in the post-operative care and inpatient nursing units. This team communicates with each other to give optimal care and consideration to all patients.
  • Case Manager: The case manager works with the patient, family, health care team and the insurance provider to help ensure all the patient's health care needs are met. Case managers help the patient and family members with discharge planning or coordinating post-hospital services at home.
  • Respiratory Therapists: These therapists work together with a multi-disciplinary team to help evaluate, treat and care for patients with many types of medical disorders and diseases.
  • Physical Therapists: Physical therapists are highly trained professionals who guide you in your exercises before and after surgery. You’ll visit a physical therapist the day of surgery and twice daily thereafter.
  • Chaplains: A hospital stay can be a stressful time. Our certified chaplains work with the health care team to minimize stress and provide spiritual and emotional support to patients and families. Patients interested in speaking to a chaplain should let their nurse know, and the nurse will contact the chaplain.
  • Social Worker: The social worker offers counseling, emotional support and instruction to meet the family's psychological and practical needs.
  • Pharmacists: These experts prepare medications and monitor you for adverse effects, allergies and possible interactions with drugs and food.
  • Patient Discharge and Education Nurse: This nurse educates patients on self-care for when they go home.