Pediatric Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Services at IU Health North Hospital offers a large pediatric program including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Our therapists are skilled in working with children of varied diagnoses through evaluation and treatment to achieve optimal development and functional abilities in a fun environment.

Physical therapists plan therapeutic programs to assist children with their gross motor and movement skills. Areas of focus would be on tasks such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and/or walking, if possible.

Occupational therapists create strategies that help a child in their daily living situations and focus on their adaptive and fine motor skills. Some of these skills may include dressing, writing, eating, and sensory integration.

Speech therapists help children to develop communication skills and work with children with speech or language disorders. Therapy services range from voice therapy or speech therapy, to memory/cognitive therapy or swallowing/dysphagia therapy.

For more information on pediatric therapy programs offered by Rehabilitation Services at IU Health North Hospital, call 317.688.2021.

Free Pediatric Developmental Screenings

Developmental check-ups are as important as measuring growth and preventing illness. Routine screenings confirm that development is on track and allows parents to identify strengths and address concerns.

Rehabilitation services at IU Health North Hospital and our Zionsville outpatient rehabilitation office invite children, birth to age five, to join us for a free developmental screening.

The screening process can help you determine is your child is meeting their developmental milestones. All screenings are performed by a licensed therapist.

Developmental screenings address:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognition
  • Social development
  • Language skills

Dates for Free Screenings in 2016

Free screenings are available at both Rehabilitation Services at IU Health North Hospital and our Zionsville outpatient rehabilitation office.

IU Health North Hospital

  • Monday April 25
  • Tuesday July 26
  • Thursday November 17

To schedule, please call 317.688.2021.

Zionsville Outpatient Rehabilitation

  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Wednesday, July 27
  • Monday, November 14


To schedule, please call 317.768.6045.