Wound Care

When a wound will not heal or if you are having issues with your ostomy, the experts at Indiana University Health North Hospital can help. Our wound care specialists have many years of experience diagnosing common to complicated problems. Our goal is to tailor therapies to accelerate the healing process, decrease your risk for infection and improve your quality of life.

Your wound care and ostomy care team will consist of Advanced Practice Nurses specially trained in wound, ostomy, and continence care. We work with you to address your problems and improve your ability to perform daily activities.

At IU Health North Hospital, your recovery is our first priority. We provide comprehensive care utilizing a combination of advanced technology and evidence-based practices in a safe and nurturing environment. Together, we design an individualized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. We strive to reduce your healing time, lessen your pain and swelling, prevent infections and complications and help you return quickly to your daily activities. As part of the largest healthcare system in Indiana, our wound care teams can also easily refer you to specialists who can treat the underlying conditions that prevent healing.

Services provided at IU Health North Hospital include:

  • Wound care. We manage acute and chronic wounds using a wide variety of techniques to help reduce your chance of infection and improve healing. Our providers may change your wound packing or remove sutures and staples after healing. We also offer advanced services, such as debridement or chemical cauterization of hypertrophic granulation tissue and closed wound edges. We also assess for problems with vascular or sensorimotor function in your legs that may suggest the presence of ulcers. We provide compression therapy for venous stasis ulcers. If your wound is not healing, we may assess you for negative pressure wound therapy.
  • Ostomy care. If you will have an ostomy after surgery, we can meet with you before your procedure to help you understand what your ostomy is, how to care for it and recommend what type of ostomy appliance should be used. We will also provide care for you after surgery both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. We provide stoma resizing, address skin issues around stomas and make appliance recommendations. We are available to answer your questions about ostomy care.
  • Drainage/tube management. We assist patients in the care and stabilization of drainage and feeding tube systems. We also help control leaks from tubes and address skin issues around tubes.
  • Fistula management. Abnormal connections between tissues in your body are called fistulas. Fistulas usually occur after an injury or a surgery. We can help determine fistula and perifistula skin status. Some fistulas also require drainage, and we can recommend a drainage appliance.

Referrals can be made by physicians, advanced practice providers or patients. Pediatric patients are welcome. In addition, patients who have received their care outside of the IU Health system are welcome.

Additional Contact Information

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