Call 317.944.9400 to make an appointment or walk right in at select locations.

Walk right in

Indiana University Health offers walk-in services for orthopedic injuries for patients ages 13 and older at two of our locations

  • IU Health Methodist Hospital: Monday - Friday, 9am – 3pm
  • IU Health West Hospital: Monday - Friday, 9am – 3pm

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Call 317.944.9400 to schedule a same-day appointment with a primary care sports medicine physician. With 11 locations that span the Indianapolis metro area, we provide care options that fit your schedule.

Top level care at your convenience

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort from a recent injury to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints or bones, but it’s not severe enough for the emergency room, you don’t have to wait to be seen. With access to highly skilled IU Health physicians on your schedule, you’re sure to get back to doing the things you love sooner. Scheduled appointments are required for chronic conditions, injuries that have resulted in blood loss, or other severe complications. Additionally, walk-in services are not available for those who miss scheduled appointment.

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Sprain or strain?

Once injured, pain may tell you something is wrong, but you may not know what to call your injury, much less how to treat it. Is it a strain, a sprain or something else? A strain is an injury to a muscle or a tendon, like a rotator cuff muscle or bicep. A sprain is caused by a direct or indirect trauma that knocks a joint out of position or overstretches it and, in severe cases, ruptures a ligament.

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Learn more about orthopedic services

We are dedicated to addressing all of your orthopedic and sports medicine needs and helping you get back to enjoying life. Whether you face an injury to your bone or muscle or are feeling the impact of arthritis on your joints, our orthopedics experts are here to help you. From your first appointment through treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up, we provide expert care to help you return to your previous level of activity quickly and safely.

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Call 317.944.9400 to make an appointment or walk right in at select locations.