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Replace Frustration With Action

Expert Joint Replacement Care

Live a life free of joint pain with the help of Indiana University Health. Offering the state’s only nationally ranked orthopedics and sports medicine program, we’re always here to deliver the highest level of care. From joint replacement surgery to physical therapy and rehabilitation, we provide a seamless treatment path so you can get back to the things joint pain was keeping you from. 

It’s common to have concerns about joint replacement surgery. The team at IU Health is committed to helping patients better understand these concerns and replace fear with knowledge. Expand the concerns below to find out the realities to joint replacement surgery.


Attend a Joint Replacement Seminar

Have questions about joint replacement surgery? Join us for one of the many joint replacement seminars we host throughout the state. You’ll gain knowledge about the process, get familiar with our clinical teams and, most importantly, learn to take control of your situation and the treatment options available to you. The 2015 joint replacement seminar schedule for IU Health Arnett, Bloomington, North, Saxony and West hospitals will be released in the coming months. To take action now, schedule an appointment with a joint replacement specialists.

Joint Services Available Throughout the State

We have strategic relationships with physicians throughout the state who specialize in helping you to manage your joint pain.

Has your knee or hip joint been hurting for longer than a year?
Do you have aching, stiffness or swelling around your knee or hip joints?
Are the symptoms present more than half the time during a typical month?
Is joint pain limiting or altering your ability to do normal daily activities?
Is joint pain, aching or stiffness limiting your ability to engage in a physical activity?
Is joint pain interfering with your sleep?
Do you feel pain even when you are sitting or lying down?
Does your pain persist, despite regular medication and/or exercise therapy?
Does your joint pain and its limitations make you feel anxious, helpless or depressed?
Have you been diagnosed with arthritis or do you have x-rays showing evidence of joint damage?

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