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Cancer Pain

Not everyone with cancer experiences pain. Many cancers, especially when detected at an early stage, cause very little pain or discomfort. With advanced large tumor cancers or cancers that have spread throughout the body, pain is more likely.

Your pain is manageable. A variety of treatment options are available to reduce or eliminate pain related to cancer. At Indiana University Health, your cancer team works with you to find the pain management option that works best with your cancer treatment plan. IU Health Pain Management physicians are available to discuss your personalized plan with you.

Pain with cancer depends on the kind of cancer you have and where it is. Tumors may affect blood flow, put pressure on your organs or press against nerves. Certain types of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, can be more likely to cause pain because of the part of the body they affect.

Pain may also be a complication of cancer treatments. Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can all cause pain as a side effect. Peripheral neuropathy can result if nerves are damaged by chemotherapy. Pain for a short time after any surgery is common, but depending on what type of cancer you have, the pain may be longer lasting or more intense.

Pain is difficult to describe. To help your pain management physician better treat you, take notes about your pain before your appointment. Write down information such as how it feels (sharp, throbbing, cramping), where it is located, if it moves and how long the pain lasts. You should also note any activities you did before the pain started. Based on your answers and a physical exam, your physician will offer you pain relief options.

Pain management is an important part of any comprehensive cancer treatment. IU Health Pain Management physicians offer advanced and aggressive pain therapies for cancer patients. From implanting intrathecal pain pumps to radiofrequency nerve lesioning, our fellowship-trained physicians provide a range of procedures to alleviate pain. We ensure you find the pain relief you need.

Our Pain Management specialists collaborate closely with your oncologists to create a personalized management plan that reduces pain and other symptoms from your cancer or cancer treatment. We strive to improve your quality of life throughout treatment so you can continue to enjoy your daily activities. As your condition changes, we work with you to modify your pain management so you receive the level of care you need.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Cancer Pain Treatment Information

We offer a full range of treatment options to help you find pain relief, including the latest pain management techniques, such as:

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