For Health Professionals

Indiana University Health Paoli Hospital collaborates with healthcare providers in our community to improve the health of our patients through excellence in care, education, research and service.

The online services available on this site are designed to help you provide the highest quality of care and services to your patients through easy transfers and referrals, learn about new career opportunities and become a lifelong learner through continuing medical education.

Indiana University Health offers a 24/7 Transfer Center to help physicians easily transfer patients to the care of any Indiana University Health hospital, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients may be transferred from any medical facility in the state or region with the help of Indiana University Health LifeLine transport service.

To help primary care providers teach their patients about healthy lifestyles and disease management, we provide a variety of free materials and services. Patient education materials cover topics such as smoking cessation, nutrition, weight management and more.

At IU Health Paoli Hospital, we provide a wide variety of medical services. If your patient requires specialized care, you can find a specialist for their needs on our website.

Continuing Medical Education

IU Health Paoli Hospital strives to provide effective patient care, research and lifelong learning opportunities to our physicians and health professionals with continuing medical educational opportunities. This mission is supported by the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Our healthcare professionals have a variety of opportunities to continue their education through presentations at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital as well as online webinars and lectures provided by IU School of Medicine.

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