Medical Records

Request Your Medical Records

Before the end of your stay with us or upon discharge, you may request a copy of your medical record. IU Health saves medical records for a minimum of eight years. Medical records can be provided in paper form or electronically, whichever you prefer.

How do I get my medical information?

  • Obtain a Release of Medical Information form from our office by:
    • Coming to the hospital in-person.
    • Having a form mailed or faxed to you to you or your parent/legal guardian if you are under 18.

Please note: When you request your medical information, you must have a picture I.D. and fill out and sign the release of medical information form.

  • Your doctor can call for your medical information to be faxed to his or her office. There may be a charge for obtaining copies of medical records, but the first 10 pages are offered at no cost to you (per hospital policy).

Visit our convenient location:
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