Robert Newgent

Robert Newgent

Hip Replacement

A hip replacement was all Robert needed to continue his healthy, active lifestyle.

Newgent Out Bicycling, Golfing After Hip Replacement

For Robert Newgent every day consisted of so much pain, he could barely walk. When he decided to take his life back, he turned to IU Health Arnett Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

No stranger to work, Robert Newgent, Lafayette, put in 33 years for CSX Railroad, worked a few years for a local retailer after retiring and now spends two days a week caring for his preschool-age grandchildren. In today’s semiretirement, he wants to play a few rounds of golf, ride his bicycle and grow some vegetables.

Homebound With Pain

But severe hip pain kept him close to home. “I was limping very badly,” he says. “The last few months I could hardly walk. I couldn’t play golf. I couldn’t even walk the dog.” He saw his primary care physician, Dr. Joel Mulder with IU Health Arnett, who referred him to Dr. Eric Orenstein at IU Health Arnett Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Orenstein recommended hip replacement. 

“I was very apprehensive,” Newgent recalls. He prepared for surgery by watching a video and reading about the surgery.Though he had been worried, the surgery went routinely. “Everything went just as he said it would. It was ten times easier than I thought it would be.” 

Active Again Within Weeks

Six weeks later, he was riding his bicycle again and usinghis home gym equipment. At the nine week mark, he was amazed with the difference the surgery made. He has no limp. He can walk his dog, Deena. And he and some friends are back to golfing. “The first time I played golf with my friends, I was playing pretty well. They said they were going to get new hips so they could, too.”

He’s also back to caring for his grandsons two days a week. “It’s the best job I never had,” he says of having cared for his grandchildren. At his last doctor’s visit, he even offered Dr. Orenstein some advice: “You need to advertise this. There’s no need for people to put up with pain.” 

“If this is the complaint department, I’m in the wrong place,” Newgent says. “I’m elated with this whole situation. I’m very happy.” 

“If incapacitating pain is interfering with your quality of life, knee or hip replacement is a very viable option. It eliminates pain and allows patients to be more functional.” - Dr. Eric Orenstein, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine