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Ed Hines

10/26/2014 | CancerUrology

Proton therapy helps Ed Hines end a family legacy Ed Hines, from Spencer, Ind., comes from good, hearty stock—a line of men who’ve lived long, productive lives. His grandfather was still walking to work every day at the insurance agency he and his son owned, until he died when he was just…

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Angie Murray

10/01/2014 | Cancer

In May 2013, 44-year-old Tipton resident Angie Murray was surprised and frightened by her own breast cancer diagnosis. Her first concern was making sure she survived to help steer her teenage sons toward adulthood. Learn how she overcame her diagnosis with coordinated cancer care at IU Health Tipton…

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07/22/2014 | Cancer

After being diagnosed with a form of leukemia, Teresa is living with her cancer by doing what she loves and spending time with family. See how Teresa, with the help of our highly skilled physicians, is making the most of every minute.

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Allison Pinion

01/22/2014 | Cancer

When Allison Pinion, a Millersburg, Ind., native, learned to crochet from her great-grandmother, the aspiring first-grade crafter never imagined how nurturing her crafty side would also nurture a compassionate spirit that would touch the lives of hundreds of cancer patients 10 years later. She also never…

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Megan Wegge

01/21/2014 | Cancer

Jodi Wegge of Sturgeon Lake, Minn., knows a thing or two about focus and determination. It comes with the territory when you’re a parent of four teenagers (including a set of triplets). With her husband, Dan, often out of town with his work as a homebuilder, Jodi instinctively gives those mental…

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Phil Thompson

10/21/2013 | CancerUrology

Phil Thompson was in shock when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004. "It was such a dark, negative kind of day," he said. "Just the C–word is frightening to anyone." Unlike most people, Phil already knew about proton therapy⎯the treatment he would select for his cancer. He helped…

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Rick Otey

10/21/2013 | CancerUrology

While Rick Otey was having proton therapy for prostate cancer at the Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center, people in his hometown of Tremont, Ill., could not understand how he kept running several miles a day. Or where he found the energy to volunteer two days a week at a homeless shelter.…

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Jenny Siminski

10/21/2013 | Cancer

For meningioma patient Jenny Siminski, being diagnosed with a tumor was more than a matter of life and death: Hers wasn’t the only life at stake. Siminski and her husband were planning a life and a family together, and not even the shocking news she received dashed her dream of having a baby. Thanks…

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Shirley Ellsworth

10/16/2013 | Cancer

At first, Shirley Ellsworth, a diminutive woman, was excited she was gaining a little weight. She went from a size 2 to a 6 or 8 in slacks and eventually even had to get larger shoes. “Then I said, ‘No, this isn’t right,’” she recalls. She learned she had…

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Jeff Graf

05/30/2013 | Cancer

It started before he was even born. In most cases, the notochord recedes during fetal life, but for Jeff Graf, the bits left behind in the spinal column, near the brain stem, stayed. And grew. Jeff had no idea. He was busy having a life in Greentown, Ind., helping raise his two sons and daughter, working…

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