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Derrick Nelson

08/11/2014 | Heart & Vascular

If Derrick Nelson ever had to pick a lucky number, he’d likely have to go with a trio—11-12-13. The numbers mark the date the 22-year-old’s life took a sharp, life-saving turn when he underwent a heart transplant. “I will never forget that date,” says Derrick. It was a new…

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Steve Jensen

06/18/2014 | Heart & Vascular

It’s tough to catch 42-year-old Steve Jensen off guard. After unexpectedly waking up in a hospital bed two times—once after a motorcycle accident and once after life-saving heart surgery—there’s not much that will throw him off. “Waking up in a hospital bed isn’t foreign…

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Carol Hill

05/21/2014 | Heart & Vascular

Carol Hill knows all too well that no matter how bad your day seems to be going, it can always be worse; the 58-year-old Indianapolis resident points to a day in October 2012 as proof. Despite taking a few days off work and going to the doctor, she returned to work, still not feeling well. She was under…

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Rob Serbent

05/13/2014 | Heart & Vascular

Rob Serbent, from Nashville, Ind., knows how it feels to be healthy and strong. An avid mountain biker, the 47-year-old says until 2009, it’s all he’d ever known. “I’d never been sick in my life and had always been active and healthy,” says Rob, who works in technology services…

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Pete Bernacchi

02/07/2014 | Heart & Vascular

Successfully tracking down La Porte, Ind., resident Pete Bernacchi depends on what time of year it is. From May through October, you’ll likely find the 75-year-old retiree on Hudson Lake feeding his three-times-a-week water skiing habit (a quick 250 turns) or hitting the road with his 84-year-old…

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Lynn Bridgewater

01/31/2014 | Heart & Vascular

In July 2013, 44-year-old Lynn Bridgewater and her family moved from Greenwood, Ind., to St. Marys, Ga., making good on Lynn’s life-long dream of living in Coastal Georgia. The move meant leaving her job as the director of perioperative services at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital,…

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Doug Law

10/23/2013 | Heart & Vascular

Fifty-four-year-old Doug Law had the same plans many folks had last Memorial Day weekend: Family members were coming in from out-of-town for a picnic, and lots of friends were gathering to attend the Indy 500. That Saturday, however, he just didn’t feel right. “I was feeling tired and dehydrated.…

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Victor Davis

07/24/2013 | Heart & Vascular

Treatment after a cardiac arrest has a chilling—and life-saving—effect on Victor Davis  A 60- to 70-hour workweek is typical for 41-year-old Victor Davis, a senior operations manager for Amazon. It’s no wonder he falls into a deep sleep each night. The problem for his wife Sandra,…

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Todd Stanley

10/20/2012 | Heart & Vascular

Todd Stanley’s not a doctor, but he knows his fair share about the workings of a hospital radiology department. It comes with the territory in his job as the administrative director of radiology for Indiana University Health. He’s used to working behind the scenes as part of the radiology…

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Ashley Zavela

04/24/2012 | Heart & VascularTransplant

With a rare disease and the odds against her, Ashley Zavela finds new hope with a heart transplant  If you were to see 33-year-old Ashley Zavela’s lean, muscular body, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn she follows a low-fat diet, participates in 5k events—10 this year…

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