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Jeff Holland

06/10/2015 | CancerUrology

At the beginning of 2010, 52 year-old Bloomington resident Jeff Holland was in the prime of his life. The long-time Monroe County 4-H Director enjoyed his job, playing basketball with his friends and giving back to his community. A routine check-up at his doctor's office that winter revealed a high…

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Ed Hines

10/26/2014 | CancerUrology

Proton therapy helps Ed Hines end a family legacy Ed Hines, from Spencer, Ind., comes from good, hearty stock—a line of men who’ve lived long, productive lives. His grandfather was still walking to work every day at the insurance agency he and his son owned, until he died when he was just…

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Phil Thompson

10/21/2013 | CancerUrology

Phil Thompson was in shock when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004. "It was such a dark, negative kind of day," he said. "Just the C–word is frightening to anyone." Unlike most people, Phil already knew about proton therapy⎯the treatment he would select for his cancer. He helped…

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Rick Otey

10/21/2013 | CancerUrology

While Rick Otey was having proton therapy for prostate cancer at the Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center, people in his hometown of Tremont, Ill., could not understand how he kept running several miles a day. Or where he found the energy to volunteer two days a week at a homeless shelter.…

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Michael Hecker

10/21/2010 | CancerUrology

In 2004, Michael Hecker's employer offered free health screenings, including a PSA test. At first, he declined to participate. A year earlier he underwent a physical with his family doctor, who had given him a clean bill of health. However, something kept gnawing at him to take the health screening…

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Bob Williams

11/21/2009 | CancerUrology

With a wife, four children and 13 grandchildren to keep up with, Bob Williams doesn’t have time to be sick. He and his wife are retired teachers. Bob stays busy as an usher for the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, a job he’s had for over 45 seasons. When Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer…

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Carl Mills

10/21/2009 | CancerUrology

Carl Mills is no stranger to the “watchful waiting” approach to prostate cancer. Carl, a father of three adult children and grandfather of a 2-year-old boy, has learned to stay calm in the face of conflict. During a visit to his doctor in 2005, Carl received startling news: the results from…

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