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Pat Hertaus

10/24/2013 | Pulmonology & Respiratory CareTransplant

Pat Hertaus, 56, leads what she says is a “simple life.” With her three grown daughters and their families—including five grandkids, with one on the way—all living near Pat and her husband Rich, in the Lake Station, Ind., area, it’s certainly a full one. Twenty-one years…

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Steve and Joanna Sellars

10/17/2013 | Obstetrics & Gynecology

Today, fathers play a big role in helping moms remain calm. Steve and Joanna Sellars are part of three generations of babies born at IU Health Methodist Hospital, each with a unique story. The Sellars' first child was born with an epidural for mom's pain, while their second arrived with the aid…

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Kaycie and Robb King

10/17/2013 | Obstetrics & Gynecology

While living in Oregon, Kaycie and Robb King used the Internet to find certified nurse-midwives and a hospital willing to support them in their quest for a natural childbirth. "We liked the security of Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital's Level I Trauma Center and the willingness of staff…

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Victor Davis

07/24/2013 | Heart & Vascular

A 60- to 70-hour workweek is typical for 41-year-old Victor Davis, a senior operations manager for Amazon. It’s no wonder he falls into a deep sleep each night. The problem for his wife Sandra, a self-professed light sleeper, is the snoring that comes with it. On July 24, 2013, Sandra was never…

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Leslie Walker

03/24/2012 | Transplant

Leslie Walker loves being on the go, spending time with her husband, Joe, and two children Rebecka, 15, and Joseph, 9. Biking, camping and playing baseball top her list of activities she enjoys, but after years of waiting for a lung transplant, just being able to carry her own purse has earned a spot…

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Cecilia Livingston

05/12/2011 | Nephrology & Kidney DiseasesTransplant

Cecilia Livingston needed a kidney transplant after years of struggling with diabetes. Her husband was a suitable kidney donor, but he was not a match for Cecilia. Indiana University Health coordinated with the Alliance for Paired Donation to give her a new life through living kidney transplant.

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