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Ashley Zavela

04/24/2012 | Heart & VascularTransplant

If you were to see 33-year-old Ashley Zavela’s lean, muscular body, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn she follows a low-fat diet, participates in 5k events—10 this year alone—and has an active 3-year-old daughter to keep up with. What probably would surprise you is, although…

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Thomas Larson

02/24/2012 | Transplant

As a focused student and serious cyclist, Thomas Larson is living the dream. The 23-year-old attends Indiana University, home to the Little 500 bike race, an event he and his team train for by riding 30-50 miles a day. Finishing his summer classes with all A’s, he’s on schedule to graduate…

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Austin Miller

02/15/2011 | Transplant

Austin Miller is a teenager from a small town outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Austin had been an inpatient at Indiana University Health University Hospital since summer 2010, and was fortunate to receive a new liver and kidney on February 21, 2011. While recovering as an inpatient at IU Health University…

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