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Amanda Doll

10/23/2013 | Obstetrics & GynecologyWomen's Health

As a pre-school teacher, 30-year-old Amanda Doll spends all day with babies and young children. But the baby she is most excited to spend time with is due this summer—she and her husband, Ian, are expecting their first child in August. “We’re so ready,” Amanda says. “We…

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Doug Law

10/23/2013 | Heart & Vascular

Fifty-four-year-old Doug Law had the same plans many folks had last Memorial Day weekend: Family members were coming in from out-of-town for a picnic, and lots of friends were gathering to attend the Indy 500. That Saturday, however, he just didn’t feel right. “I was feeling tired and dehydrated.…

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Ernie Demeter

10/23/2013 | Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

It may start with a little twinge of pain doing something you’ve always enjoyed—shooting hoops with the neighborhood kids or walking the dog. It may progress to regular pain and stiffness or a noticeable loss of your range of motion. You might even hear or feel a grating or grinding sensation…

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Victor Davis

07/24/2013 | Heart & Vascular

A 60- to 70-hour workweek is typical for 41-year-old Victor Davis, a senior operations manager for Amazon. It’s no wonder he falls into a deep sleep each night. The problem for his wife Sandra, a self-professed light sleeper, is the snoring that comes with it. On July 24, 2013, Sandra was never…

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Judy Stachel

10/23/2010 | CancerWomen's Health

Brownsburg’s Judy Stachel was living the life many women dream about: She had a devoted husband, two happy and successful children and a fulfilling career she loved. Judy, as the saying goes, had it all. And then, one evening in early 2010, she felt a lump near her breast. She asked her husband,…

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