Using Advanced Technologies to Fight Diabetes

Eric Lucht was 10-years-old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. His mom, a nurse, and his father, a doctor, immediately took him to the ER at the first sign of symptoms. It was there Dr. James Meacham made the initial diagnosis.

When Eric first started going to appointments with Dr. Meacham 11 years ago, he remembers drawing pictures on the exam table paper. Dr. Meacham always took the time to talk to him about his pictures while also explaining his treatment in language he understood.

Dr. Meacham initially treated Eric’s diabetes with insulin shots for the first year and then switched to an insulin pump, which he has been on ever since. As part of his care, Dr. Meacham chose to use CareLink, a software program that monitors Eric’s levels. Eric has face-to-face appointments with Dr. Meacham every three months, but in between appointments Dr. Meacham is able to use CareLink to check on Eric.

Eric’s mom was surprised that Dr. Meacham used this technology because the software isn’t used by many doctors–even today. She felt Dr. Meacham went out of his way to keep Eric healthy. Today, Eric feels great and credits not only Dr. Meacham but also the nursing staff for their ability to maintain his diabetes.

“I have never been anywhere else, but I have no reason to ever go anywhere else. Dr. Meacham genuinely cares and he really tries to give the best care possible,” said Eric.