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Why IU Health Physicians?

Our physicians are not just here for our patients, they are here for each other.

IU Health Physicians is an unprecedented community of doctors working together to provide patients with an unmatched experience while innovating fields of research and skill. IU Health Physicians is the most complete, multi-specialty practice group in Indiana. A unique partnership between Indiana University School of Medicine faculty physicians and private practice physicians, IU Health Physicians gives its highly skilled doctors access to innovative treatments using the latest research and technology. Committed to providing their patients quality clinical care, IU Health Physicians allows patients to focus on what is important - getting healthy.

Team Approach

Collaboration is the key to success for IU Health Physicians. Our team of advanced medical providers are at every patient touch point, from admittance to discharge and beyond. This continuum of care ensures consistent standards, strong communication and improved outcomes.

Join the Calling

IU Health Physicians encourages outstanding physicians seeking to be a part of something greater to consider a position with IU Health Physicians. Patients and the Indiana community have come to expect the best from IU Health Physicians. Delivering an unmatched experience isn’t luck - it’s tradition.

Our Journey to Preeminence

Quality scorecards are used to measure physicians on unique key performance indicators determined when a physician first joins IU Health Physicians. Providing physicians with data on their practice raises the standard of care. Internally, scorecards can be compared between doctors within a particular specialty. By providing such transparency, doctors are able to identify the best practices and learn from their colleagues.

Scorecard measures could include:

  • Surgical site infection rates
  • Mortality rates
  • Re-admit rates

While each doctor’s scorecard is unique, patient satisfaction surveys (completed by the patient) allow physicians to be rated on the same scale system wide.