Connection to IU School of Medicine

Expanding Knowledge, Advancing Healthcare

Medical advancements happen daily. At IU Health Physicians, our providers are at the forefront of medical innovation, discovering new treatments and healthcare methods firsthand. 

Founded in 1903, the IU School of Medicine (IUSM) is the second largest medical school in the U.S. The school holds $265 million in research grants and contracts, including $133 million from the National Institutes of Health.

Specialists who train other physicians typically are at the top of their field. Working to double its research program and facilities, IU Health Physicians improves student skills, while refining their own. We also have access to the latest technology and techniques in practice.

IU Health Physicians is committed to the school’s mission of advancing education, research and patient care - while teaching the physicians of tomorrow.

Have It All

IU Health Physicians offers our physicians a special opportunity to be a part of medical research daily. From a research-based position to an integrated-teaching role, IU Health Physicians is flexible with physician goals - allowing for a personalized experience.

When it comes to patient care, our connection to the IUSM plays a significant role in our ability to go above and beyond. To untangle the mysteries of disease, IU researchers design clinical trials in which IU Health Physicians patients may participate. Our patients are offered the opportunity to be early recipients of new medical treatments. These clinical trials could lead to innovative treatments that benefit patients in Indiana and around the world.

We are uniquely positioned to practice the most progressive medicine available and maintain constant access to the latest information that medical research offers. IU Health Physicians, in partnership with Indiana University Health and IUSM, we offer clinical trials at the following facilities:

  • Methodist Cancer Center Research Group
  • IU Simon Cancer Center
  • Indiana Clinical and Transitional Sciences Institute

With regular access to clinical trials and recent publications, our physicians are able to treat patients in every situation.