Financial Security and Cost Savings

IU Health Values Physicians

Focusing on What’s Important
You became a healthcare provider to serve your community and treat patients. At Indiana University Health, we understand the burden of administrative and overhead costs that come with running a private practice. Joining a physician practice group can provide financial stability and allow physicians to focus on what is important - patient care.

Planning for the Future
IU Health Physicians allows specialty and primary care physicians to maintain independence while integrating administrative tasks into our broader system of hospitals, practices and benefits. In the future, patients will continue to receive lower-payment government plans, leading to a projected 20 percent decrease in independent physician income. As a member of IU Health Physicians, our physicians can be assured of a secure future.

The Next Level of Physician Practice
As the largest, most comprehensive system of specialty and primary care physicians, IU Health Physicians is innovating patient care and healthcare services. IU Health Physicians is afforded more resources and opportunities than any other system in Indiana, making our physicians the best they can be for generations to come.