Advancing Medicine Through Technology Innovations

Indiana University Health is the first in Indiana to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology. Through its unique partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM), IU Health Physicians has the advantage to develop, clinically test and implement technological advancements.


Lithotripsy uses shock waves to break up stones in the kidney and bladder, allowing them to pass out of the body in urine. This highly advanced procedure can be found at several locations.

Neurological Suites
Our commitment to excellence in neuroscience can be found at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital where a multi-million dollar renovation resulted in the expansion of eight neurosurgical suites complete with the most advanced surgical navigation systems. This revolutionary technology allows our experts to provide patients a level of neurosurgical care unparalleled in the region.

Service Lines Expertise
Within each service line, IU Health provides advanced technology, essential for world-class care. To learn more about the specific technologies being used visit our medical services page.


Electronic Medical Record
In order to enhance patient care and records, IU Health is committed to implement a system-wide. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Instead of paper records and filing systems that can only be accessed at one site, an EMR will allow IU Health Physicians instant access to patient files for consistent patient care at any location. This advancement helps to standardize forms, update existing information with ease and improve overall healthcare efficiency.

iConnect Service Center
Medical consultation could be needed at any time, but many physicians aren’t available around the clock, leaving patients unsettled and anxious. IU Health believes in being there when our patients need us. iConnect is a 24-hour call center that eliminates phone trees and voicemail, putting patients in touch with physicians, ensuring prompt consultation.