Hear From Other Physicians

Our physicians take pride in being part of IU Health Physicians and our mission to preeminence. We recently caught up with a few of our busy physicians to find out just what they like about being a member of IU Health Physicians. See what they have to say about what being a member of IU Health Physicians means to them.

If you’re interested in learning more about these doctors or someone in your specialty, please contact iuhpphysliaisons@iuhealth.org to get connected.

As a primary care provider, access to the comprehensive network of IU Health Physicians specialists is vital to providing preeminent patient care for Dr. Gebke.

Hear Dr. Gebke's story.


IU Health Physicians takes care of running Dr. Hahn’s OBGYN office so she can focus on what matters – patient care

Hear Dr. Hahn's story.


Dr. Kovacs, a nationally recognized clinical cardiologist, appreciates being a part of a group of like-minded physicians who represent a broad range of expertise.

Hear Dr. Kovacs' story.


A pioneer in kidney stone treatment, urology specialist Dr. Lingeman, has seen first-hand the impact increased physician integration has on patient care.

Hear Dr. Lingeman's story.


As the only physician in the network specializing in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology, IU Health Physicians provided Dr. Shipchandler the financial support needed to get his practice up and running.

Hear Dr. Shipchandler's story.