Become a Patient for Proton Therapy

International Patient Services

We know that whatever your diagnosis may be, that the news of coming to our center may cause anxiety and worry for the person facing the disease as well as family and friends. At the IU Health Proton Therapy Center, our team is here to not only offer the treatment of your condition, but to also offer support and care in a healing and friendly environment. Our goal is to help our patients and those considering proton therapy to feel comfortable and welcome, and to have as much information as possible when making their treatment decisions.

Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center is an academic and research-oriented healthcare facility that works in close partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine one of the largest medical schools in the country. We provide a patient-oriented experience that is effective, informative and comfortable. We strive to make the overall patient experience positive and uplifting rather than worrisome and off-putting. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are enthusiastic about patients’ care and recovery and are dedicated to their health and well-being. We only employ highly skilled and proficient team members that work together for the common good of the patient.

We work hard to have a culture of optimism and encouragement. Every member of our staff understands the importance of our mission and the value that comes from working in concert for excellence in patient care and research. Physicians, clinical professionals and administrative professionals create and protect this environment by delivering exceptional care in a gentle, sensitive setting. Our philosophy and approach contributes to the satisfaction that our patients experience during and after treatment.

IU Health Proton Therapy Center has a dedicated patient concierge to assist with reviewing housing options, coordinate activities and assist with patients' nonmedical needs. Psychosocial support is offered to patients in many ways. Weekly Meet & Greet sessions offer families opportunities to get to know one another, share support, and learn more about treatment and the facility from IU Health Proton Therapy Center speakers. Additional activities that support patient care are: weekly art therapy groups for children and adults; monthly fellowship and social events at area churches and businesses; monthly tours of the machine shop and IU Cyclotron Facility. These activities may help you and your family connect and get to know other patients and families in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.