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Over three million people in the United States alone suffer from emphysema, a condition which can drastically affect your health and lifestyle. When you suffer from emphysema, the air sacs in your lungs are damaged in some way, making it difficult for you to breathe well and keeping your body from getting the oxygen it needs.

The air sacs in the lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breathe and transport it into the blood stream. The oxygen is then pumped around your body, where your cells use it for energy to perform necessary functions like moving your muscles, thinking or keeping your heart pumping. Without enough oxygen, your organs can suffer. You may experience less endurance, have trouble thinking clearly or be unable to remember things well.

Besides the lack of oxygen, the symptoms of emphysema can disrupt other aspects of your health. Because it is difficult to breathe, you may have insomnia, which means you cannot fall or stay asleep. The shortness of breath associated with emphysema may prevent you from being active, raising your risk for obesity and heart disease. In its most severe forms, emphysema can cause your lungs to collapse, a life threatening condition.

IU Health Pulmonology & Respiratory Care physicians are experts in the care of emphysema with dozens of years of experience. Our physicians conduct emphysema and COPD research that gives you access to the latest treatments and knowledge of emphysema. Our advanced care throughout the state is backed by pulmonology services at the Academic Health Center in Indianapolis, which U.S.News & World Report ranked as among the best in the nation in providing high quality lung care. We develop treatment plans that are individualized for your needs to minimize the impact of emphysema on your daily life. Our focus is on getting you back to better health by providing high quality care every step of the way. We are there for you when you need us most as the only healthcare system that performs lung transplants in the state of Indiana.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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IU Health Pulmonology & Respiratory Care physicians offer comprehensive treatment for emphysema, including:

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