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Interstitial Lung Diseases

The term interstitial lung disease refers to a variety of different lung conditions that are not caused by an infection and are not lung cancer. These diseases, which all start with some sort of inflammation in the lungs, lead to permanent damage which affects your ability to breathe.

Interstitial lung diseases, sometimes called pulmonary fibrosis, can be caused by drugs; sarcoidosis; environmental hazards like air pollution, genetics, and radiation; or as a result of an existing condition. In many cases, the cause of a particular interstitial lung disease cannot be determined.

After exposure to one of the causes listed above, parts of your airways become inflamed or swollen, scarring the interstitial tissue in your lungs. Interstitial tissue is the tissue between the different air sacs in your lungs. Extensive scarring leads to stiffness in your lungs that keeps them from functioning correctly.

Interstitial lung diseases vary greatly in severity, symptoms and how quickly they progress.

IU Health Pulmonology & Respiratory Care physicians are leaders in treating lung disease, with the pulmonology program at the Academic Health Center in Indianapolis ranked by U.S.News & World Report as a leader in lung care. Using comprehensive care, we assist you in reducing the severity of the symptoms of lung disease and improve lung function. Our physicians stay on the leading edge of lung care through conducting research and clinical trials. We strive to increase your quality of life by providing high quality care that is personalized to fit your needs.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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Interstitial lung disease, also called pulmonary fibrosis, varies greatly from person to person. Learning more about the condition at the websites below helps you better understand the disease: