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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows your physician to look at the soft tissues of your body. It is different from regular X-rays because it does not expose you to radiation.

During a traditional MRI, you are placed on a bed that moves inside a tube where the imaging is performed. If you are uncomfortable being in a small, contained space, or are very overweight or obese, you may prefer an open MRI. The opening of an open MRI is larger than a traditional MRI machine.

Indiana University Health Radiology board certified radiologists are experts, with extensive experience reading MRI exams. We have physicians who specialize in reading images of specific parts of the body. For example, a specialist in heart exams reads your heart MRI. This ensures you have the most appropriate expert interpreting the results of your scan.

IU Health uses surgical MRI, a leading-edge technology. This tool enables extra precision and allows surgeons to observe the progress of surgery in real time. Using a specially designed MRI machine in surgery, we locate and remove tumors more effectively in parts of the body where it is difficult to see clearly by other means.

Referring physicians and their patients find IU Health Radiology an ideal choice for MRI scans. Our technologists are trained to make you comfortable and to ensure your safety during your scan. Our careful attention to your wellbeing provides an excellent patient experience. Your exam results are precise and allow your physician to diagnose your condition accurately. 

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How We Can Help

MRI Treatment Information

Large magnets inside the MRI machine cause the atoms of your body to align in certain ways. This allows us to capture highly detailed images without any discomfort to you. Sometimes we inject a small amount of harmless dye (called contrast) to make certain parts of your body show up more clearly.

The MRI scanner creates a strong magnetic field around you, and radio waves are directed at your body. The internal part of the magnet makes repetitive tapping and thumping noises. For your comfort, your technologist can give you headphones with your choice of music.

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