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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine imaging is unique because it provides information about both the structure and the function of the body. The images help identify abnormalities or conditions early in the progress of a disease when they can be treated effectively.

Indiana University Health Radiology physicians inject you with a small amount of radioactive material and use scanners to observe this substance in your body. A camera is then used to take pictures of your body. The camera detects the radioactive material in the organ, bone or tissue and forms images that give physicians valuable information about the area being examined. In some cases, we also treat your disorder with highly targeted radioactive therapy.

Many of our nuclear medicine radiologists have specialized knowledge in scans used for specific conditions or parts of the body. We have radiologists in all these specialties throughout the IU Health system.

A nuclear medicine scan may take several hours, including time for the radioactive material to travel to the right area of your body. Our staff and physicians strive to keep you comfortable while you wait and during the test. We listen to your needs and preferences, and consider you an important part of your care team.

Nuclear medicine procedures are among the safest diagnostic imaging tests available. The amounts of radioactive material we use are the minimum needed to complete the scan without unnecessary radiation exposure. 

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Nuclear Medicine Treatment Information

Our nuclear medicine specialists use a variety of radioactive materials to pinpoint signs of disease. These materials are safe chemical compounds that collect in certain parts of your body. For example, the thyroid gland takes iodine from the blood. By using a compound containing radioactive iodine, we can see your thyroid during the scan.

We also use nuclear medicine to treat conditions that respond to radiation, such as thyroid cancer. The radioactive iodine we inject goes to your thyroid and destroys the tumors. IU Health is known for effective use of nuclear medicine to treat thyroid cancer.

Nuclear medicine is highly specialized. Many physicians rely on our radiologists to interpret scans and to treat disease when appropriate. Some medical specialties, such as orthopedics, have nuclear medicine radiologists dedicated to testing specifically for conditions those specialties treat.

Nuclear medicine imaging services we offer include:

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Nuclear Medicine Support Services

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