These learning activities may be added to the PE Without Boundaries Curriculum (or any curriculum) as resources allow. Each activity corresponds to the following program goals:

Program Goal 1: Engage students in at least 225 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week.

Program Goal 2: Decrease students’ average BMI from initial baseline.

Program Goal 3: Improve students’ aptitude for setting goals and establishing habits of healthy eating and physical activity.

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Program Goal 1 Activities


Handball with Soccer and Basketball Elements 

A gymnasium activity that combines team handball and basketball. 
Courtesy of Justin Schmid. 

Build an Obstacle Course 

Learners build obstacle courses using various pieces of sports equipment. 
Courtesy of Frank Schultheis. 

Power-Clean Weightlifting Lesson 

Grouped by ability, learners will practice the movements of the power clean. 
Courtesy of Carson Gowan.

Weightroom Safety 

Learners will identify various pieces of equipment and the muscle groups they target. 
Courtesy of Patrick Bohanon.


This variation limits the movement of the “server” and awards extra points for innovative returns.
Courtesy of Brett Ressler.

Squirrels and Hawks 

A variation of capture the flag, themed for younger learners.
Courtesy of James Bryan.

Gettyball: Indoor Softball 

Played like softball, but instead of a wooden bat and ball, a wrapped-up towel and volleyball are used. 
Courtesy of Nicholas Nickles.

Ultimate Frisbee

Keep learners moving by bringing this popular outdoor sport into the gym.
Courtesy of  Walter Clonts.

Ultimate Football 

Similar to ultimate Frisbee, but build football passing and catching skills.
Courtesy of Brent Gaynor.


Based on the popular books/movies, this game builds in complexity over five class sessions. 
Courtesy of Leah Spivey. 

Parachute Racing

Divided by ability, learners race with parachutes.
Courtesy of Eric Brock.

Hockey Passing & Shooting

Learners practice how to pass in hockey.
Courtesy of Ryan Corcoran. 

Alfonso Ball 

Learners run the length of the basketball court to score “runs” in this baseball/dodge ball variant. 
Courtesy of Joey Alfonso. 

Football with a Tennis Ball and Basketball Hoop 

Football played with a tennis ball. Shoot a basket for the extra point.
Courtesy of Sam Smith.

Program Goal 2 Activities

Diet Analysis 

An extensive classroom course on diet and wellness.
Courtesy of Beverly Sewell-Harris.

Using Geometry to Calculate Pizza Calories 

Combines geometry and nutrition.
Courtesy of Gabriela Pena. 

Fast-Food Analysis

A computer-based activity in which learners research how fast-food measures up in meeting their nutritional needs. 

Program Goal 3 Activities

Student Evaluation

Students Evaluate Their Own Activity Levels and Plan Ways to Add More Activity to Their Lives

Day 8 of a ten-day course on health.
Courtesy of Do Something Inc.

Dimensions of Wellness 

A classroom activity in which learners work in groups to explore wellness.
Courtesy of Jim Bowes.